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Applying friend's referral code to Tesla ordered via Salary Sacrifice scheme

Hi there

I have just put in an order through our company's salary sacrifice scheme for a brand new Tesla Model Y - my wife and I are extremely excited to start our EV journey!

A Tesla-mad friend of mine has given me his referral link to use - which I believe gets us both 1k free supercharger miles - however the salary sacrifice leasing company say this cannot be applied to our order because "Tesla won't honor any sort of extra miles when it comes to leased vehicles".

Is that right, seems quite a big hole in there referral scheme if leased vehicles are not eligible??

Does anyone have any experience of whether applying a referral code through salary sacrifice scheme is possible, or if so how the leasing company should go about it? I'm guessing Tesla do not allow you to apply them retrospectively.

All I have at the moment is my friends referral link which takes me to the Tesla website, I'm guessing the code is just the end bit of the URL

Any help much is very much appreciated!

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I guess a bit depends on the specific leasing company. It would not shock me if some would rather use a referral code they choose...
This. They probably want to stick them all through the lease co managing director's referral, for some added kickbacks. I'd be amazed if they aren't doing that on any order where the customer isn't savvy and/or persistent enough to know better.
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"Tesla won't honor any sort of extra miles when it comes to leased vehicles".

That's bull. Whether a particular leasing company can't be bothered is another story.

Sorry your "extremely excited to start our EV journey" has started with that.

However, 1,000 free miles is not worth a great deal - I think it is actually 400kWh. If you have a home charger (and were planning to go and sit at the Supercharger in order to claim them, instead of using a cheap overnight home tariff) then you would spend around 4 hours doing that, and you'd save less than £50-quid.

If, instead, you go on road trips and use them for that purpose (and manage to use them all up before they expire) [or don't have home charging / yet] then perhaps £250 saved. Same again for your mate of course ...

Tesla have never been very keen to apply Referral codes, retrospectively, after an order is placed ... but worth a go.