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Are there many high amperage J1772 public charging stations?

Although I don't need the HPWC twin chargers at home, I'm wondering if I should get the twin chargers for road trips. Are there very many high amperage J1772 public charging stations, or is it anticipated that there will be a lot more in the future? I see the J1772 adapter is 80 amp capable. thanks.


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Mar 29, 2009
Nixa, Missouri, United States
You'll get lots of opinions on the twin charger issue.
1)Having the fixed HPWC, even if only wired to 50 amps, is convenient & eliminates unnecessary wear and tear on the UMC.
2)There are not a lot of high power J1772s...today, but it's reasonable to assume that more and more will show up with time.
3)Tesla has, reportedly, a plan to introduce a network of HPWCs in areas that will be distant from Superchargers.
4)Many owners use sites like Plugshare.com to advertise HPWCs that they're willing to share with other Tesla owners, so there may be opportunities to use the extra charger there.

It really depends a lot on your needs, travel plans, etc. If trips of 200 miles or more will be very rare for you, then the twin chargers may be superfluous, if you do a lot of distance travel you'll sure regret that it takes twice as long to charge if you do happen to be somewhere with the high power access. In the year I've had mine I've had multiple opportunities where I was darn glad I had the twin chargers...I could have gotten by without them, but the time saved and convenience was sure appreciated when I did use it.


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Apr 20, 2013
There are several areas where HA L2 J1772 chargers are available. In Canada the Sun Country Highway project has a transcontinental route with 70 or 80 Amp L2 chargers. Washington State has a number in the North Cascades Loop. (Clippercreek had a deal on 70 Amp chargers) To my knowledge, these are for the most part free. There are efforts to put HAL2s all over Washington.

I pretty much agree with Evan, you could get by with a single charger most of the time. Though, when you want that faster charge, having dual chargers is invaluable. I got dual and in the last 6 months, I've really needed the faster charge about 4 times. It's the case where you want fast turnaround and no Supercharger is in range. I'm very glad I got dual.

As to getting an HPWC. I got it and am glad I did. You could get an extra UMC and leave it plugged in at your garage to minimize wear but having faster charging at home is worth it.
Great feedback, thanks so much. I think I'll get it. Captain Zap, I'm in CA so that map provides some compelling justification. Evan and Phil, most of my roadtrips will be in California, but I'm thinking once a year, or once every other year, there will be a cross country trip the the East Coast and not necessarily along Supercharger paths. I can see an extra hour or two of charge time here and there would grow tired fast, and halved charge times would be much appreciated.


Jan 31, 2010
Tesla is installing HPWC at their showrooms in mall areas. The twin charger will be very helpful if you'd like to charge while shopping. Just used the one at Easton Towne Center in Columbus, OH. 208 volts at 80 amps picked up 40+ miles in an hour.

Another vote for dual chargers. I've made good use of them here in WA and on a recent trip in Canada.

Also, it appears that Tesla is willing to sort of unbundle the duals from the HPWC. Following is an email I received when questioning the wisdom of bundling.

Hi William,

I received your note this morning regarding our new option to bundle the High Power Wall Connector and Twin Charger feature.

We made this decision in clarify for customers the benefit Twin Charger feature offers, and what it requires. Fortunately, under the circumstance that a customer cannot install the Wall Connector, we will accept a return of the device. This is the only work around we have currently, but I’ll investigate if we can add the Twin Charger into the configuration manually, without addition of the Wall Connector.

Thanks for sending us the suggestion. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.


Roadster#433, Model S#S37
Feb 27, 2009
You've heard about the Sun Country, Roadster Network, etc. Mentioned already, but very important is the fact that Tesla is putting in multiple 80 Amp HPWC's at most of their showrooms (usually in a nice mall) and service centers. On top of that they are offering incentives to hotels that install HPWC's; I think the incentives should be larger, but that is up to Tesla.

Here is another obscure reason to have dual chargers and be able to use High Ampere L2 J1772 EVSE's (HAL2). The first Pacific to Atlantic Supercharger route is following a rather circuitous, but very scenic route across that U.S. Because the original roll out of the Supercharger network left a big hole in the 4-Corners of the SW US, I started the 4 Corners EV Charging project.

Now the Elon route is coming to our back door. If you have dual chargers, there is very nice alternative to the Elon Route. You can take the Supercharger route from Farmington to Silverthorne, Farmington, NM to Silverthorne, CO via SuperChargers - Google Maps, or you can take the 4-Corners EV route through Pagosa Springs and Salida, Farmington, NM to Silverthorne, CO via HAL2's in Pagosa and Salida - Google Maps. With dual chargers, its a toss up for total travel time. For those trying this route, I recommend doing one path each direction. Moab and Glenwood Canyon are pretty nice, but so are two extra crossing of the divide (Wolf Creek and Fremont Passes), as well as seeing some great back roads, high alpine, Colorado. If you spend the night at Incredible Pagosa and do a range charge there while you have a nice dinner in town and grab a soak in the hot springs (maybe even stay a few days and grab some skiing at Wolf Creek), its even faster going the Pagosa/Salida route.

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