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Campground Camping, Sleeping in MY Supply List


It's fantastic that you're gearing up for your first camping trip in your Model Y! Camping with an electric vehicle can be an incredible experience. Based on your list, you've covered a wide array of essentials for a comfortable and enjoyable journey. Here are a few recommendations and insights to help you make the most of your camping adventure:

Road Trip Planning: Our Tesla Road Trip Plan provides additional insights and recommendations for a successful journey.

Mattress: A custom memory foam mattress tailored to your Model Y's dimensions can provide exceptional comfort during your sleep.

Awnings: For a custom awning that connects seamlessly to your Model Y . Ensure the awning suits your preferences for setup and durability.

Table and Chairs: Compact and lightweight options Chair and a portable folding table are great choices.

Portable Electric Range: Efficient portable electric ranges for cooking on the go.

Cookware: Opt for nesting cookware sets Camper Cookset for easy packing.

Refrigeration: Portable fridge/freezer solutions to keep your food fresh.

Charging Accessories: You're all set with items Tesla adapter and mobile charging kit for smooth charging experiences.

Camping Essentials: Your list of supplies including water, food, gloves, first aid kit, wipes, and more will ensure a safe and comfortable stay.

Remember to pack your personal essentials, and embrace the unique experience of camping with your Model Y. Enjoy the adventure and quality time spent in the great outdoors!

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Preparing for first sleep in camp in MY at an EV accepting and ready camp ground, just two people
(Road trip supplies are also listed)
Toughest part convincing the wife to sleep in the vehicle

Please add, subtract items and brand + model name where you have great experience

Mattress, non custom 4” memory foam full size or custom memory foam model y fit?
Best custom awning connects to MY
Compact table and chairs
Electric portable cooking burner
Compact cooking pots and pans
Plates, bowls, utensils
Refrig/freezer for inside
TT-30 Tesla adapter to use with MCU 14-50

Rest of my list so far

-bucket for supplies
-water, food bars
-latex gloves
-first aid kit
-baby wipes
-paper towels
-bug spray
-dry car wash spray, for front bugs
-CCS J1772 adapters
-mobile charging kit MCU
-extension cord
-Jack pads
-compact Jack
-squeege tool (store in bag) and wiper fluid in spray jug, clean cameras and headlights
-Tesla tire repair kit has compressor
-mobile compressor (maybe better)
-3x reflective collapse-able marker cones
-tire plug kit or below
-Modern Spare Kit (bag, wheel and tire, Jack) $550

And obviously our personal items
Very similar to ours.

My wife and I sleep on a Exped mattress. A pair of residential pillows. We just use two sleeping bags, connected together with zippers that side opens in case one of us get hotter.

Fridge/freezer under the mattress, and it is always on. Blinds on front 3 glasses. The other glasses are tinted dark enough that it is invisible from outside unless someone really wants to try to see us inside. 😁

We also carry a Jackery 1.5kwh battery, along with a mini induction cooktop, a small air fryer, and a small kettle with foldable handle. All of our gears pack very small - chairs, tables, etc. We also carry our backcountry camping tent (tiny when packed) just in case we encounter sites where they ask you to pitch a tent, but so far, we haven't experienced one. Few times, we used it to store items temporarily when we needed some room.

This setup also allows us to boondock at Walmart parking lot if we need to. All of our gear fits within the frunk, footwell, and rear trunk/side wells. Backpacks go to passenger front seat when we sleep. Nice to be able to do this, especially when we arrive late at night with no options and raining outside. Very easy to drive away in the morning and continue our journey.
That made a good second choice and I did make my own but you must remember to set the amperage in the car. With the 50 adapter use with this, the car will want to pull more amps than the TT 30 circuit is designed for. It's never best to think awe the breaker will trip. Sometimes they don't. I labeled mine all over EV charging only set amps to 28. But, I'm also that guy who removes the clutch engage switch to start a manual.

It’s better to get the TT-30 plug from EVSE because it automatically sets the mobile charger to operate at 24amps. It also has a built in thermal sensor so if the receptical is a little corroded and heat build up it’ll stop charging. Much safer to use than an adapter cable. TT-30 Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y Gen 2
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