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Charging settings Model 3

Hi all,

First drive back from my Model 3 pick up in Birmingham today, love it :D

A newbie charging query:

It seems that the optimal setting for charging is up to 90% in terms of capacity, but I also saw in the charging screen that it was set at 16 amps. This introduced a variable I wasn’t considering. Should I just leave it at that permanently or should I change it depending on what charger I’m using? Wondering what setting or settings I should use for my 3 charging scenarios:

1) Andersen A2 home charger
2) Tesla Superchargers
3) 3 pin plug charging via the UMC.

Any input appreciated.
1) Assuming you have only 1 phase, then the car will detect 32A available. If you then selected 32A it'll "remember" the setting and charge at 7kW, which is the fastest you can get at home
2) Charging rate is negotiated by the car and charger, you can't change it
3) Maximum charge rate is 13A (I believe). You can dial less but not more. Same as point 1 above. :)
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Essentially you just plug it in and it'll choose settings. You may then choose to reduce the current if, for example, you have some concerns about wiring where you've plugged it into 3 pin. If you do this it should remember for next attempt at same location.

In normal day to day use all you have to do is plug it in. In fact it's the thing I show non EV owners who want a look at the car. Although I do tend to check what it's doing on the screen you literally just plug it in and walk away.
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