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Consumer Reports reliability of Model S - worse than average

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I personally have had a lot of little issue. Since it's all covered under warranty, I've been okay with it. I'm concerned after warranty, which is going to be in under 3 years for me and buying the extended warranty just isn't worth it because of the deductible.

Looks like the little issues are starting to catch up.


"Consumer Reports yanks recommendation for Model S"


Let me add that I would not want any other car out there, this is still the best car ever.
Consumer Reports: Model S "Worse Than Average"

I just read this article that Consumer Reports says the Model S is worse than average, when it comes to reliability. Supposedly they surveyed 1400 MS owners:


I've been looking to buy a Model S the first part of next year, but this report, as well as fellow member's experiences on the forum are concerning.
What happens when the car is out of warranty and something major happens? I don't knw if one can purchase a lifetime warranty, but I've heard the Dodge does offer this, for 2-3K. Seems with it, as most anything mechanical will eventually break.
I recall the Tesla sales guy telling me that some Model S' in Norway (or somewhere overseas) where being used as taxis and had only to deal with changing tires, brakes & wipers with over 100K miles on them.
Anyone out there with a high mileage MS that can share your experiences as to pertains to reliability?
Average goes up against companies that have been building cars for 50+ years.

The main drive components of an EV contain thousands fewer moving parts.

I agree, no one looks forward to expensive fixes out of warranty, but I feel Tesla's done a hell of a job w/the S, and it will only get better.
I'm over 3,000 miles and five months with the car. Zero issues other than occasional losses of 3G internet connectivity which can usually be fixed by rebooting the system. By this time, with virtually every other high performance car I've ever owned, the car had been back to the shop for serious immobilizing issues.

Buy the Model S.
It would be naive of me to think that CR has a completely unbiased stance when reviewing all the cars that they do. BUT, do you put any stock in what 1400 MS owners have to say about their cars?

I think that what owners have to say about their cars is often "tainted" by their personal perceptions about the car, the brand, the mission of the automaker (in Tesla's case) and any number of other factors. I grew up with a friend who thought Toyota's were perfect in spite of the fact that he had far more failures and problems than I did with similar cars from other makers. If he and I were to rate his car, we would have had completely different takes on it. Maybe this works out in the wash over thousands of reviews and maybe it doesn't. I can remember seeing identical "badge engineered" cars that were popular in the '80s and '90s (Dodges and Plymouths for example) having completely different reliability ratings, yet the cars were identical save for the nameplate in every way. Came right off the same assembly line made with the same parts by the same workers. How can that be? Probably because Dodge owners had different expectations than Plymouth owners.
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I bet it is the Body Integrity / Body Hardware area that is ruining Tesla's scores. Those categories include squeaks creaks and rattles. Every Tesla I've driven, except for one loaner with <10k miles, has had lots of squeaks and rattles, which seems to match CR's "Poor" rating for 2012, 2013 cars.

Personally, they have been the reason of nearly all my service work. I've had service attempt to fix my pano roof squeak 5 or 6 times now. It always comes back within a day, so I drive off happy, with a fixed roof, and then the next day it squeaks again! I've had squeaks in the headliner, pano roof bow, door panels, dash, speaker covers, and rear hatch plastic trim.