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Direct 18" vs. 20" wheel comparison for efficiency

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I was initially disappointed to find that my 2024 MYP came with Hankook ION EVO AS vs Michelin Pilot Sport AS

but those Hankooks are very quiet on the highway.

In 3400 miles I’m at 296 wh/mi (might be 295). A lot of highway miles, did a road trip from FL to NY and back
296 seems really high for the hankooks going by what everyone else has got
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Can anyone comment on the HK ION EVO AS for wet performance, or just regular performance.. I’m not talking tracking or track day at LS, but want to have some good grip and water venting capability.

Might just do four new HK since they seem to be measurable higher efficiency, and offload my two rear OEM tires that have 3K miles on them.
They were pretty surefooted in the wet at highway speeds, including thru curvy Virginia I-95.

In town in NY, one a wet day recently, there was one instance where I was getting on to these things called parkways. Think four lanes across, no traffic lights, a very local highway if you will. One consequence is they are also curvy and sometimes these "on-ramps" are right AFTER a curve, so traffic approaching doesn't see you and you also don't see them. I gave it a five count and got on. Naturally at the 6 count was the surprise crowd showing up and I nailed it. A quick chirp, the traction control took over, and that sucker just launched. Nice wet grip lol
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The most stylish rims Mercedes ever made were called the gullideckel because they resembled manhole covers.
And is brake cooling an issue with EVs?
Car companies design for brake cooling for relatively extreme, but possible in customer use, cases.

VW Passat Owner Easily Picks Up 14 MPG With Simple Aero Mods describes aero-modding a VW Passat TDI (including flat hubcaps with no vents); the included video includes some discussion about issues like brake, transmission, and engine cooling standards in manufacturer tests that do not apply to his use case.
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20 inch Michelin pilot sport summer tires new record same work commute
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