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  1. X

    New here. Driving Efficiency Question

    Hey all. Just bought a 2020 Model 3 SR+ with 13,000 miles on it. I've had it two weeks today and had some questions about my efficiency and battery health. I understand, of course, that I will not be getting the range advertised as I will not be driving in the very specific conditions that EPA...
  2. M

    Hankook iON EVO All season tires with controlled efficiency testing

    I installed the 235/45/18 Hankook iON EVO All Season tires on my 2022 Tesla Model 3 Performance with T Sportline TS5 18x8.5 wheels last week. I have done a very controlled efficiency test with the tires below. The test is a 25 mile loop around our beltway that starts and stops at the same...
  3. F

    Miles per kWh at different speeds

    I am very curious if anyone has seen a dataset/figure/table that shows the number of miles a model 3 (or a similar model) can travel per kWh at different speeds. I imagine that many more miles can come from a kWh at 45 mph, 65 mph, and 75 mph but would love to get a numerical idea of how much...
  4. C

    2022 Tesla Model 3 Air Suspension for offroad and highway efficiency

    I have a 2022 M3LR that scrapes every time coming into my driveway due to the angle. I also live down a dirt road that has sizeable potholes. My Subaru outback has no problems but the model 3 has had two skid plates replaced already due to damage. A friend of mine suggested I install a spacer...
  5. Maximillan

    Real world Model Y RWD efficiency

    Today on my commute to work I noticed that I was down to 23% charge, and remembered that I had topped up last Friday. Whilst sitting in traffic, I decided to check the trip meter and it helpfully pointed out that I had done 397kms since the last charge. Now almost all of these kms have been...
  6. J

    MX 75D Real world efficiency 400Wh/mile on highway

    Having driven the MX 75D (20inch wheel) for over 4 years, I have checked its average efficiency after 41K miles of driving. Based on the last 28K miles, EPA is 350wh/mile. But on the highway driving 70~75mph, I think the efficiency drops to 400wh/mile. For a long distance trip I need to charge...
  7. Y

    2021 Model S LR 1-month Observations and Issues

    I've been living with my 2021 S LR for about a month now. I absolutely love this car, and wanted to start writing about my experiences good and bad, including several issues I've observed for which there may hopefully be a resolution, as well as adding another data point to many of the ongoing...
  8. TM3Newbie

    Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus II on 2018 Tesla Model 3 19" Sport Rims

    Just got these Pirelli's for my 2018 M3. I did a lot of research beforehand and initially wanted the Continental PureContacts but they were backordered when I needed them before a road trip. I went with the Pirelli's and was worried due to some other owners experiencing decreased efficiency...
  9. L

    Level 1 vs. Level 2 Charging Cost?

    Hey guys, I just purchased my brand new Model Y 2 weeks ago and I’m down to 500 miles of the 1,000 I was given for the referral bonus or whatever. I’m stuck between upgrading to a level 2 charging solution or staying at level 1. I drive about 30-40 miles per day and I usually charge about 30-40...
  10. S

    EPA mileage not matching energy screen

    I have a MY standard range and the EPA states that I should get 244 mi @ 260wH/mi. However, when I check my energy graph screen, it shows that the rated wH/mi line is about 220wH/mi. Normally, a lower 220wH/mi would mean that the car is more efficient. However, in this case it's bad for me...
  11. limmerguy

    Road trip with the Thule Cargo Hitch Box (Transporter Combi)

    Hi All, I wanted to document a recent 2,200 mile road trip with my Thule hitch-mounted cargo box for anyone who is interested. Notes: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD with 18" Aero wheels. 5.8% battery degredation. Roughly 70 kWh usable at 100% SoC. Stealth Hitches hitch with trailer package...
  12. P

    Tesla Energy Visualizations

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, I’m kindly asking for your voice I’m currently conducting graduate research on the expression of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. As part of my research, I’m hoping to learn from drivers’ experiences and use my research to amplify drivers’ needs. I noticed...
  13. P

    Tesla Efficiency Visualization

    Hi there Tesla Motors Club, For my Master's program, I'm researching the perception of efficiency metrics in electric vehicles. I noticed many people have mixed feelings about the Tesla consumption graph. I was inspired by Tesla drivers' frustrations with the consumption metric display so I...
  14. C

    Home Efficiency

    This is an off-topic thread; I hope this is the best area to post. I would like to start a discussion about energy efficient home construction and renovation topics. I will start with windows. I recently moved into a 30 year old home, built pretty well for 30 years ago, still 30 years ago...
  15. B

    Model 3 Efficiency

    I asked this in another part of the forums but I was advised to ask here for more specific answers. Hi, I'm planning on buying a model 3 LR in the next 2-3 years, my question to you is that I stay in Scotland and I want to know what kind of range/efficiency I'll be getting. On average we get...
  16. B

    Model 3 Efficiency

    Hi, I'm planning on buying a model 3 LR in the next 2-3 years once I have saved a big enough deposit. My question to you is that I stay in Scotland and I want to know what kind of range/efficiency I'll be getting. On average we get temperatures of around 11°c annually, winter it is on average of...
  17. AlanSubie4Life

    Need Pictures from New US Market 2021 Vehicles, Performance, AWD, SR+

    For those people getting US Market 2021 deliveries, would be nice to get a few things from you (this weekend): 1) Pictures of the energy screen. You can do this by taking two pictures as described here: MASTER THREAD: 2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020 Don’t have to do it at 100%, but...
  18. AlanSubie4Life

    2021 SR+ Range/Efficiency/Battery Capacity Measurements Released by Tesla, via EPA

    EPA test docs for the US 2021 SR+ have been published. (EPA datafile and EPA new car website not yet updated though.) https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51461&flag=1 -> It has a heat pump (heat pump confirmed!) -> Battery capacity seems similar to that of the 2019, though...
  19. J

    Wheel Weight Vs Aero

    Hello all, I am curious as to if anybody has some input on which matters more. For example: 19 inch Apollo w/ Gemini Cap ~ 30lbs. VS 20 Inch martian MW03 ~20LBS. The question I have is, does the weight matter more than the aerodynamic cap?
  20. AlanSubie4Life

    Preliminary EPA Data for Model 3 AWD & Model 3 P 2021 Released

    So the preliminary document from the EPA for 2021 Model 3 AWD & Performance is released: https://iaspub.epa.gov/otaqpub/display_file.jsp?docid=51235&flag=1 Covers 18" AWD and 20" Performance in detail. Note: it describes the details of the heat pump similar to the Model Y. Summary (AWD)...
  21. T

    (A hopeful) Beginner's Guide to Wheels/Tires

    The 8 year dream of owning a Tesla is finally coming to fruition, and I'm awaiting delivery of a Model 3 Performance. I then realized I don't know the first thing about wheels/tires. I know that range for the stock tires and wheel sets (at least the previous iteration) suffered as you...
  22. D

    Have you guys seen a Wh/mi so high?

    Model Y LR with Induction wheels I drive maybe 20 miles a week and pretty much just city driving. My efficiency looks like trash lately. My driving habits have not changed either. The only factor could be that it is getting colder where I live (Seattle) and as we know the efficiency drops in...
  23. M

    Efficiency Explained For A 1st Timer

    So I've been reading alot of articles about how people are testing their efficiency in their cars and alot of the time they talk in terms of kwph. As a first time EV owner (soon to be with a MY), can someone dumb down how to better understand how I can tell if my driving is efficient with a...
  24. MountainPass

    Vendor MPP Tips - 3 ways to improve your Tesla's efficiency!

    For a while, we’ve been fighting with efficiency loss on our Model 3, and one observation I made was that the rear rotors were quite hot after a drive even when only using regen. So we replaced the calipers and brake pads, and even changed a wheel bearing to attempt to identify and fix the...
  25. L

    losing efficiency?

    Did we lost efficiency when upgrading to 2020.24.16? We do the same track (150KM) over and over again with 30-35% of consumption average 195-205wh. we are conservative riders. Now we use 35-40%+ with the same driver style, load. Do we see this the wrong way? Luc
  26. P

    Model 3 P, LR, SR+ time compare on 400km

    Three guys from the German tesla rental company took the three available Model 3 types P, LR, SR+ and drove in parallel 400km with constant speed of 130km/h and one charging stop on German autobahn, to find out which time each car need for that distance. There was only a time difference of...
  27. UnpluggedP

    Vendor Tesla Model Y Unplugged Performance - Street, Race and Drift!

    What upgrades do you think would help you get even more out of your new Model Y? Unplugged Performance tuning parts are extensively tested on street and track before general release. This UP Model Y Performance development car features a number of prototype parts. We had a blast exploring the...
  28. AlanSubie4Life

    2020, 2019, 2018 Model 3 Battery Capacities & Charging Constants

    I should have done this a while ago, but I've finally compiled all the data that Tesla provides to the EPA, and put it into a spreadsheet. The detailed 2020 test data is now available, so we can see why things are rated the way they are. Through formulas, I've also tried to capture what...
  29. O

    Thoughts on Anticipating Range

    Been driving my new M3 for about a month and enjoying it very much. I do have a suggestion/question though. Why does range display only in Miles or Percent? I don't find either of these particularly useful. Miles are inaccurate because, well, I indulge in rapid acceleration ;) (NOT...
  30. dc121gw

    Range/efficiency on P3D- less than anticipated

    I've had a P3D- for two weeks. Love the car, but I'm running about 330 kWh/mile over the first 300 miles. It's mostly congested city driving, with some highway speed (65mph) driving at night. I traded in a M3 MR where my usage was 253 kWh/mile over the lifetime of the car (7000 miles) in...
  31. G

    Tesla vehicle efficiency has been improving 3.1% per year since 2008

    It's insane how steady Tesla's efficiency improvements have been, and the charts in the article show how Tesla is simply in a league of its own when it comes to overall efficiency. Tesla Vehicle Efficiency: The Gold Standard Among EVs
  32. D

    Advice for Summer Tires in Europe 245/45R19

    Sorry to create yet another post on tires but I only seem to find threads about US tire models. In the old continent the offer is quite different and I don't seem to find (at least in Belgium, where I live) any trace of all the hyped models like Bridgestone Quiettracks, Primacy MXM4 and Yokohama...
  33. E

    Cabin Heat / Speed Interplay on kWh/mile

    Here is the thought problem. Its a very cold day. I have to drive 60 miles to my destination. Assume, just as an example, cabin heater needs to draw 5 kW to maintain a given cabin temperature. What would be the ideal speed to drive at for the least kWh/mile for this trip? Obviously if you are...
  34. AlanSubie4Life

    EPA Efficiency Numbers 2020 vs. 2019 - Tesla Model 3 SR+ Takes Crown

    I "happened" to be looking at the EPA efficiency numbers for the 2020 model year today.:rolleyes: This is kind of a look ahead to the promised 2019.36.1 efficiency changes which Elon talked about in the Q3 conference call. And it somewhat matches up with some of the information showing up on...
  35. AlanSubie4Life

    Trip Report - San Diego to North Rim Grand Canyon

    As alluded to in other posts, I took a trip from San Diego to the North Rim of Grand Canyon in my AWD Performance+ last week/weekend. This is an 8000-foot ascent. Setup: 2019.32.11.1 Michelin CrossClimate+ on Dekagram 18x8.5 wheels. (Temperatures dropped into the 20's and upper teens...
  36. ishareit

    What is the Model 3 SR+ battery size?

    As per the following insideevs article, SR+ has an efficiency of 253 wh/mi (combined highway and city) and a range of 240 miles. Tesla Model 3 EPA Energy Consumption: Standard & Standard Plus This means that the battery size is 60.72 kW to go 240 miles at 253 wh/mi efficiency. However, a real...
  37. VelociRabbitt

    Questions on Efficiency

    Hello friends!! About a month ago, i purchased a CPO 2015 P85D. It's been a wild ride (Pun intended) but ultimately an enjoyable one. When i accepted delivery, there were a number of things that i had found, and was scheduled to have the car repaired at my local SC. It's important to...
  38. VValleyEV

    Case against EVs Still Hanging On In US

    I was surprised by this article today, and would appreciate any help in responding: Tesla's Long-Range Model 3 Has A Heavier CO2 Footprint Than Toyota's Camry Hybrid - Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) | Seeking Alpha Thesis here is that BEVs, including the efficient Tesla Model 3, do not save...
  39. M

    You have the most advanced car in the world. Take advantage of it.

    Hi everyone, My name is Marc Pujol and I have developed Teslastics (https://teslastics.com), a platform to track and analyze your Tesla. Once you create an account and link your car, it will capture every single drive and charge. You will be able to access them and see their details in charts...
  40. pipestem

    Mid Range trip report - 268 Wh/mi.

    Weekend trip to from Durham, NC to Athens, GA. Start temp 44F (rain) ; mid trip temp 70F; end temp 39F (more rain). Not much elevation change. 90% on Interstate 85. Frequent use of defrost, some heat. 717 miles, 192 kWh, 268 Wh/mi. No waiting at superchargers in Charlotte, Greenville...
  41. zhu-

    200 Wh/mile to use heater?

    Since I received my Model 3 about three weeks ago, I have almost never seen anything under 300 Wh/mile. Usual range for me was easily 350-450 Wh/mile. Since it was new I didn't think much of it but eventually realized I had pretty poor range. I noticed a few guys talking about not using their...
  42. M

    Awesome iOS App called Stats

    I am not associated with this at all. I was seriously thinking of signing up for Teslafi.com but I just could not swallow the $50/yr subscription fee. I swear I looked for apps before on iPhone and didn't find much. I looked again today and found this and bought it immediately. It's $14.99 (I...
  43. C

    Why am I getting 330+ Wh/mi?

    Everything I am reading, people are getting mid to high 200's for Wh/mi but I have had my car just 2 weeks and gotten average 325 and often much worse on a trip. This includes a 180 mile trip I took all at highway speeds where I started with over 300 mi charge and got warning I have to go less...
  44. Colgate2004

    Range / Mileage / Efficiency Loss with Aftermarket / 3rd Party Wheels?

    Hi all, New Model 3 (AWD, ext. battery) owner here (picking up the car in two weeks). I ordered the 18" Aero wheels (didn't want to spend the $1500 for the 19" wheels... or the money on 19" tires!), but I'm going to be in the market for a second set of wheels for summer/winter tire swapping...
  45. FalconFour

    A Wh/Mile to Miles/kWh (or Wh/Km to Km/kWh) converter

    tl;dr: miles/kwh converter Since I got the Model 3, I've been frustrated by the Wh/Mile display. Living with a Leaf since 2012, and living with MPG and the concept of "higher is better" my entire life, the whole idea of Wh/Mile and "lower is better" is completely nutty to me. Maybe the bulk of...
  46. C

    Driving efficiency

    Is there a readout in the Model 3 that show how efficiently you are driving? I haven't found one yet
  47. McCaesar

    Model 3 Wh/km

    I've had Red for a little over 3 months and 4500 km. Wondering if I'm doing well in performance. Mostly morning commute of 25km each way, sometimes city streets, sometimes 403/QEW All time 4,584km 695 kWh 152 Wh/km Today's drive 13.8km 17 kWh 122 Wh/km Is a higher Wh/km better or a lower...
  48. F

    Charging on NEMA 5-20 at 7mph!

    Hi TMC, TLDR: Charging now starts at 6mph and a reaches a steady 7mph on NEMA 5-20! Details, AKA why would anyone do this instead of a 14-50? * I don't drive much -- approx 150mi/week * It should be slightly more efficient (about 1/4 less time charging == less charger overhead) * On a...
  49. B

    Can anyone with a RWD Model 3 confirm if it so has a faster than listed 0-60 performance?

    With more AWD and P3D performance numbers hopefully coming in soon, and everyone hoping they are higher than quoted numbers, I remember hearing RWD acceleration numbers were cut back couple months ago. I'm ordering soon and finally decided on getting RWD for increased efficiency. So just...
  50. S

    Which insulation do you use with your solar home?

    We are building a home and plan to have solar in the future. We’re going with geothermal for heating and cooling so we can really take advantage of the solar, and hopefully fully power it from the sun. Of course, one of the most important factors with that is insulation. One of the geothermal...