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Green Tesla S

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Yeah, it can look black/grey in low light. Even in full sunlight it can look very different depending on the angle of the sun. Here are 4 pics of the same car, my car, from a cross country trip.

IMO the original blue and green were too dark. There should have been more contrast with black. They lightened the blue up a bit and the current blue does look like a different color from a black car. I shared a supercharger with a 2013 Green S once. I took a picture of the car and it looks kind of a dirty black in the picture. The owner said he still had an A version battery and he was limited at superchargers to 90 KW.

Green has fallen out of favor as a car color. You could get olive greens for a while, but even those have died out for the most part. Now the trendy color is orange, which hurts my brain. I liked the mid-90s green Subaru used. My SO had a first generation Outback in that color.