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H&R Block Tax Credit Issues


Brett - The Nerdy Engineer
Sep 22, 2016
I tried doing my taxes this weekend using H&R Block (I always TurboTax in previous years). I decided to use H&R Block for the 10% Amazon refund bonus. It's not worth the headache. The only EV tax credit that H&R Block seems to support is the $7500 federal tax credit (30%). It does not support the EV charger installation federal credit or the Colorado state EV credit ($6000). It's been such a hassle. I'd recommend to everyone that hasn't done their taxes yet, to avoid H&R Block.
they are known as blockheads for a reason.
in all seriousness programs like that are geared towards the masses of people who have fairly simple returns, once you get a bit out of the mainstream most of those programs cannot handle some unique situations that people have. consider finding a professional to help you along.
I had to switch from HR Block to Turbo Tax when I bought my volt 4 years ago since they didn't even support the Federal Tax Credit. I guess it's good to know they at least support that now but how frustrating that they don't support charger installs or state credits.
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what is the EV charger tax credit? and can it be applied for (same year as the car, or the year I purchased the EV charger -- which, in my case, was the year following the EV purchase year)?
You may have troubles claiming the alternative fuel infrastructure credit and the $7,500 federal credit the same year regardless of which tax prep software/company you use. But the state credit should be completely separate. I've been using TurboTax for over a decade with great results. Last year there was some sort of Amazon refund bonus offer if you bought TurboTax through Amazon. I looked at the terms and some online reviews of the refund bonus and it seemed very shady. I opted to just get my refund direct deposited to my bank account as usual and everything went well.