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  1. N


    My question pertains to taxes and how they’re applied. I plan on purchasing the m3 sr+ in California. Are taxes calculated with the purchase price of the vehicle( ex: $39,990) or after incentives ($34,990)? Thanks!
  2. I

    Iowa to begin electric vehicle taxes and charging fees

    I can understand states needing to create some type of fee structure for electric vehicles since the current state of fees relies on collecting gas taxes. But it seems Iowa is piling on both sides. Beginning Jan 1 2020 and increasing each year in three stages fees for BEVs are $65.00 (2020)...
  3. G

    Solar Credit in Illinois - Docs needed?

    Hello All: I hope you can help out a newbie. I live in Illinois, and had panels (no powerwall) installed last spring. I am going to be getting my taxes done in a couple of weeks, and I am eager to get the installation credit. However, my tax preparer is telling me that the info I have is not...
  4. Mr-T

    Ohio Infrastructure Tax

    Here in the State of Ohio, the state legislature has passed a mandatory tax increase to pay for infrastructure repairs and improvements. This tax began Jul 1, 2019; The tax on gasoline is 10 cents per gallon, added at the pump. But for PEVs and EVs, the tax goes to $100/yr for PEVs and...
  5. clydeiii

    Purchased last year (August) in DC, just moved to MD: do I pay sales tax?

    I just moved in April 2019 from DC to MD and have owned a Model 3 since August 2018. I'm getting the sense from the MVA website that, because the car is less than 7 years old, I will have to pay MD sales tax (6%) on the car, even though I didn't buy it while living in MD. It appears that if I...
  6. S

    End of Lease Situation - 2016 Model S

    My lease ends Oct 1, 2018 and I have someone who wants to buy my Model S. I have called Tesla to inquire about my options and they are insisting to collect tax from me on the lease end buy out. I have never heard of this as all my previous lease buyouts with other Auto manufacturers have not...
  7. aekemmerer

    Is the Vehicle License Tax in AZ still reduced?

    I’m looking to place an order on a 3 and I know that the vehicle license tax (annual registration) was dirt cheap for alternative fuel vehicles ($150 for 5 years). However, recent legislation stated that alternative fuel vehicles will see an increase, if they haven’t already, and the state’s...
  8. N

    Model X regret (taxes)?

    From what I understand both Model S and X are eligible for the $7500 tax credit. One advantage the Model X has is that the full cost amount can be deducted in the first year on your tax return since it weighs over 6,000 pounds whereas only 30% of the Model S can be deducted. Do I have that...
  9. YauKwan

    Model X and Business Tax deduction

    So, i've think i understand the depreciating portion of purchasing a model X for business use. Can someone explain the recapture portion if i were to sell the X at some point before 6 years?
  10. RTPEV

    Model 3 Ramp and US Tax Credit Implications

    The topic of the Model 3 ramp and its implications on the US federal EV tax credit continue to pop up in other threads, and I couldn't find a thread dedicated to the subject, so I am creating this so that discussion can take place. The big question is whether the tax credit itself will survive...
  11. mspohr

    New California EV tax

    New session of legislature has a new transportation bill which propose a tax on EVs. SB 1 and AB 1 both propose a tax on Electric Vehicles. This is a regressive tax which will discourage adoption of clean EVs. Fossil fuel vehicles already receive may subsidies (from fossil fuel production...
  12. Nerdy_Engineer

    H&R Block Tax Credit Issues

    I tried doing my taxes this weekend using H&R Block (I always TurboTax in previous years). I decided to use H&R Block for the 10% Amazon refund bonus. It's not worth the headache. The only EV tax credit that H&R Block seems to support is the $7500 federal tax credit (30%). It does not support...
  13. GasKilla

    California bill to impose a $165 EV Road Use Fee

    Plug In America That link will take you to a site where you can contact your representatives to oppose the proposed bills.
  14. T

    Fun w/ 2016 Taxes - CA Sales Tax Deduction

    I’m using TurboTax and having a large purchase other than the house for the first time unsure if or how to use the sales tax deduction. So I go through and get the Energy-Efficient Vehicle deduction, yay! Then I get to the sales tax section and it says don’t bother as TurboTax thinks the income...
  15. alderct

    Arkansas Considers EV Tax for "Fairness"

    Arkansas roads agency looks at fee levy for electric, hybrid vehicles From today's Democrat-Gazette, the increased fee would make up for fuel taxes the state doesn't collect on those vehicles because, well, they don't use fuel: "A lot of that is a policy issue and a fairness issue that we...
  16. ThisIsTrue

    Michigan Slams EVs again with new fees

    Michigan vehicle registration will soon go up by 20 percent (Detroit Free Press) More of Michigan's anti-EV bias. Pathetic. "Electric vehicles, or cars that are not capable of using gasoline and other traditional fuels, will be subject to an annual $100 surcharge, in addition to a $35 gasoline...
  17. plasmo

    Is there (still?) a tax credit if you install 14-50 charger in your home?

    I read that this might have ended, but does anyone know if there is a tax credit if you were to install a 14-50 charger outlet in your home? I will be installing two 14-50 outlets in my garage from my fuse box in the basement, which will cost around $2300 and was wondering if anyone got a tax...
  18. zambono

    Trade in tax deduction in MD...

    My sales guy in DC said that in MD the trade in value is deducted from the sale price for tax purposes but everywhere I have seen that is not the case. Can someone confirm who purchased and registered in MD, thanks
  19. G

    Tax credit ends December 31st !

    Electric-Car Charging-Station Tax Credit Expires On Dec 31st
  20. SamGarber

    Has anyone claimed the Alternative Fuel Vehicle refueling property Tax credit?

    Has anyone claimed this credit on their tax returns? If yes, what costs can you claim? I would imagine the electrical work itself and the price of the HPWC ($1200)? Nissan has a nice datasheet on it: http://www.nissanusa.com/ev/media/pdf/incentives/nissan-leaf-incentive-federal-1.pdf
  21. Ven Rala

    Maryland EV Tax Incentive

    I found out a few days ago that the Maryland EV tax incentive has run out of funds, even though you were able to claim it up to July 2013. I hear there is a new bill in the legislature to extend it until 2015, but I couldn't tell if there will also be new funds. Because what is the point if...
  22. fluxemag

    Delivery Dilemma - AZ Sales Tax

    Just finalized my car last night, very excited. 40kWh/Standard Suspension/White/Black Leather/Lacewood/Stereo Upgrade/Pano Roof/19". I am P14875 and got a rough estimated delivery window of May-June. When I put down my deposit I was figuring November, but this is a welcome surprise. The...
  23. Jgdixon

    Tax write offs in lieu of gas and maintenance costs

    My car is used a lot for business. Of course I can then write off a portion of the fuel and maintenance on my ICE vehicle. Anyone talk to an accountant about claiming the cost of the power to charge our cars? in addition what about the maintenance plan? Seems to me we could claim a portion of...