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tax credit

  1. MortonGarrett

    Will Model X Qualify for Tax Credit in 2024? Or disqualified because of battery requirements?

    Does anyone know if the Model X meets the battery guidelines that the federal government requires for a tax credit starting in 2024? Wondering if NOW is the best time to buy because of 1. New Price (under $80,000) & 2. Tax Credit Eligibility. I understand that if the price increases, the...
  2. Tagar

    Change Motor Vehicle Order Agreement to my wife?

    Hello Tesla mates! I ordered Model Y today.. so looking forward to drive the Y and be part of the community! Hopefully quick ordering question: For tax purposes (to get the IRS credit, we would file 2023 separately and not jointly as we used to do), I'd like to change account owner / owner...
  3. L

    Model Y : Tax credits SUV price limit with FSD included

    Hello, I order model Y with the basic autopilot in June. At the time of the order, the car price is $66,500 and the sales tax is $5,000 totatlling $71,500. Expected delivery date is Nov 20-Jan 1 2023. With the recent EV tax credits, I'm thinking to defer the delivery to the first week of Jan...
  4. J

    Lease and tax question

    Hi, I just placed my order 4/7 (M3LR, white, black, 19”, no fsd) Its set to cash so when I can to change to a lease, will this go through tesla or do I need to find my own? Also is the lease calculator on the website correct? Is tax exempt, I’m in NJ? Does tesla not charge it or I have to submit...
  5. E

    Tax Credit Model Y

    I’m upgrading from a Model 3. I have a Model Y on order. It was supposed to be delivered in June. I received notification that it is ready early for delivery in early January. Does anyone know if build back better is passed after I take delivery will it cover the entire 2022 tax year? Or will it...
  6. A


    I have a couple of questions so I recently have gone through a lemon law with my BRAND NEW car (not Tesla) and I’m still waiting for settlement check aka down payment. I place my order for my model Y LR with FSD in late July early August. My estimated Edd was Jan as shown when you place your...
  7. H

    How to get your money back on the tax you pay when ordering online?

    Hey All, There are 5 states that don't have sales tax: Alaska, Delaware, Montana, New Hampshire, and Oregon. I live in one of those states. NH has no EV tax credits and there happens to be NO Tesla stores so I have to go out of state for delivery and pick up. Can I still request a tax credit...
  8. J

    Master Thread: Energy products and Tax discussions

    Moderator note: Creating this master thread for discussions of energy products and Taxes, as this question comes up frequently (especially around the end of the year). Because of the way the forum software works, if we take separate threads and merge them, the software merges posts by date, so...
  9. Catung

    Tax Forum 8936

    Hello, I just wanted to reach out to verify I understand the wording of the tax forum. Reading the instruction for number 4, in my opinion, it is a little confusing. I purchased the model 3 between January 1, 2019 - July 31, 2019. For the following: 4a = $7,500 4b = 50% 4c = $3,750 I was...
  10. G

    Solar Credit in Illinois - Docs needed?

    Hello All: I hope you can help out a newbie. I live in Illinois, and had panels (no powerwall) installed last spring. I am going to be getting my taxes done in a couple of weeks, and I am eager to get the installation credit. However, my tax preparer is telling me that the info I have is not...
  11. A

    Tax credit!

    Hey! I took delivery of my tesla model 3 on Saturday 12/28. But I haven’t registered it at the moment I have the temp tag for 30 days. Am I still eligible for the tax credit as it says once the title is transferred to you it’s counted on yours. Would that be on 12.28 or when it’s registered...
  12. P

    Switching from LR AWD to P3D- for faster delivery?

    Hi guys. I'm pretty new to the idea of the Stealth Performance Model 3, but looking around at the order tracking thread & the waiting room threads, it sounds like people get matched with VINs pretty quickly for them. I have a LR AWD ordered 11/27 and no VIN yet. I'm kind of out in the middle of...
  13. R

    Tesla - Post Tax Credit

    I'm very happy overall with my Tesla, but I can't help but feel taken advantage of. I took delivery of a mid-range model 3 with premium package in late 2018. At that time it was about 47k + Tax, and I took advantage of the 7.5k tax credit. Nowadays, the standard model 3 is pretty much the...
  14. O

    Tax Credit for the customer or Tesla?

    Guys I'm confused. I thought Elon said the price of the car wouldn't change with or without a tax credit. As far a I can see, anyone who listened to that got taken for a ride and had to pay extra taxes, insurance, registration. I bought a Mid range in Dec and since that time. It worth about 60...
  15. S

    Please Help: Am I still eligible for full tax credit

    I bought the model 3 October 4th 2018 and the tax credit has been halved since then. Am I still eligible for the full 7500 in tax credit? I haven't filled any paperwork out yet so wondering if its still cut in half if I do fill it out now. If anyone has any input on this matter it'd be greatly...
  16. S

    California rebate eligibility (tax help question)

    Hello folks. I finally took the plunge and got myself a Model 3, it arrived before Christmas and the CA licence plate have been issued. Now i'm looking at applying for rebates. For eligibility, the California rebate guideline stated: (Income Eligibility) "On IRS Form 1040: Sum of lines...
  17. S

    Model 3 : Clarification regarding Tax credit

    Hi, I am migrating to California this December and planning a model 3. Need help in understanding if I can befit from $7500 tax credit. Basically, I don't have any Tax liability this year till 2018 December. Want to understand if I buy a model 3 this December, can I befit from the tax credit...
  18. Rusty1

    Tax Credit at Risk Again

    Will this be retroactive to Jan 1? Republican introduces new bill to end the $7,500 federal tax credit for electric cars and tax them more instead
  19. TD_alseT

    Heads up for the Maryland EV Excise tax credit

    3 quick notes about the MD excise tax credit conditions: - The total purchase price of the car cannot exceed $60K. - This INCLUDES the destination and delivery charge - Your trade-in reduces the purchase price (Purchase price is the total price of the car + options + destination and delivery...
  20. Sagedaddy

    AWD, 200,000th, and Tax Credit

    Hi, Been trolling TMC for some time now. Decided to join and this is my first post. I'm a 4/1/16 reservationist in the Bay Area that has been waiting on a RWD. When they dropped the AWD price by $1K and generisized the delivery window last week, I configured as AWD on 6/28 but wonder if that...
  21. dhanson865

    There are 6 major configurations of the Model 3, poll question about some getting $7,500 tax credit

    In another thread US Federal $7,500 Electric Vehicle Credit Expiry Date By Automaker I posted about the 6 possible major configurations of the Model 3 and which I thought would have access to the $7,500 tax credit. I'm posting here to see how the poll agrees or disagrees with my view and record...
  22. JHuberman

    Non-Repeal of Tax Credit on Tax Bill Conference Agreement

    I downloaded the Tax Bill Conference Agreement, and on page 568 of 1097 pages I found the following section. My take (as well as Bloomberg, Fortune, and CleanTechnica) on this is that the repeal of the $7,500 tax credit did not make it into the final conference agreement. Here below is the...
  23. UZJedi

    Tax Bill and EV Tax Credit Discussion

    Electric vehicle tax credit preserved in Senate’s revised tax bill, says senator Fingers crossed this sticks!!
  24. A

    Editorial: "Federal Electric Car Tax Credit, Once Bipartisan, Threatened by Republican Tax Reform"

    "Federal Electric Car Tax Credit, Once Bipartisan, Threatened by Republican Tax Reform" kochvsclean.com/federal-electric-car-tax-credit-bipartisan-threatened-republican-tax-reform/ Published on Monday 06Nov17. Please share and comment on impact to Telsa and US EV market as a whole, and what...
  25. Buster1

    Delivery Extended: Tax Credit Implications?

    Guys, I apologize, I have read through a bunch of tax threads but cannot find the answer I need. My "Late Nov Delivery" was just pushed back on the My Tesla webpage to "December - Early January." Aside from being sad about this, what does that do to my Tax Credit if we were to take delivery in...
  26. MCJ_IP

    Frustrated by Dual Motor Delay?

    I have a March 31 reservation and live in Ohio. This means that I could potentially get a RWD car either late 2017 or early 2018--likely within the full Federal tax credit window. Unfortunately, it seems that by the time a dual motor version of the car is available for purchase, the Federal...
  27. manitou820

    Colorado Tax Credit and Financing

    Two questions: 1. Does anyone know if Tesla is applying the $5000 Colorado tax credit during the purchase? I know Colorado made this an option starting in 2017, so I'm wondering if Tesla is taking advantage of that. 2. My reservation is under my name, but I'll probably do the financing under...
  28. J

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading FUD Around The Tax Credit?

    Is Your Tesla Dealership Spreading Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt Around The $7500 Tax Credit? A few weeks ago, I went into the Tesla Dealership in Scottsdale, Arizona and spoke with a Customer Experience Specialist who was very knowledgeable. I mentioned that I'm looking at a Model S and my...
  29. igotzzoom

    Bloomberg Report - 200,000 units already surpassed? No tax credit?

    Does this mean the Model 3 will not be eligible for the $7,500 federal credit? "Tesla delivered 25,000 vehicles in the first quarter, which vaulted its aggregate number of produced vehicles above 200,000. That milestone won’t be considered achieved until the company’s board has confirmed the...
  30. D

    Fremont Factory (California) Delivery Events to maximize credits

    Inspired by the recent EM tweet that early Model 3 reservationist had a "Pretty good" chance to get an AWD by December 31, 2017 got me thinking. Every quarter, especially the last quarter of the year (December 31), Tesla pulls out all the stops to deliver as many cars as they can. Part of the...
  31. S

    Owning an M3 "for free?"

    For people who will get their cars the earliest, is it possible that I could buy the M3 (for say $45k), have it for a year, take the tax credits (-$10k in my state) and then sell it after a year for roughly the $35k total that I spent after the tax rebate? Since the tax credits will be much...
  32. Nerdy_Engineer

    H&R Block Tax Credit Issues

    I tried doing my taxes this weekend using H&R Block (I always TurboTax in previous years). I decided to use H&R Block for the 10% Amazon refund bonus. It's not worth the headache. The only EV tax credit that H&R Block seems to support is the $7500 federal tax credit (30%). It does not support...
  33. Haxster

    100D: We knew it was coming. Sour grapes or sweet lemons?

    In November, knowing that the S100D was imminent, I STILL ordered an S90D. Here were my prioritized reasons to order and the (actual outcomes): Reduce the risk of Trump killing the $7,500 federal tax credit (TBD) Avoid an estimated $7,500 price increase (only $3K) Get it sooner (Yes) Get free...
  34. plasmo

    Is there (still?) a tax credit if you install 14-50 charger in your home?

    I read that this might have ended, but does anyone know if there is a tax credit if you were to install a 14-50 charger outlet in your home? I will be installing two 14-50 outlets in my garage from my fuse box in the basement, which will cost around $2300 and was wondering if anyone got a tax...
  35. R

    Ways to benefit from tax credit without taking it?

    I'm coming close to buying a MS. This year, it would at best be very difficult to get any benefit from the tax credit. I'm very hesitant about buying new, as I feel like I would be throwing that money away. I'm looking to keep the car for at least 5+ years, likely longer. AP is a must-have. I...
  36. Haxster

    Another Bonus from Tesla's Stepped-up Model 3 Production Schedule

    Tesla's new objective to move the 500K vehicles/per year from 2020 to 2018 has many implications. But here's one that may not be so obvious: 1. By 2020, Tesla would have most likely passed the 200K US shipment mark and begun the phase-out cycle for the customer $7,500 tax credits. Perhaps only...
  37. Haxster

    Poll: Who thinks they'll get the full $7,500 U.S. tax credit?

    Or will it run out before you get your Model 3? For more details about the tax credit see: Tax Credit Clarification
  38. T

    INC FED TAX CREDIT--Need 97,390 signatures by May 2!

    Not sure why this hasn't been front-and-center for the past month, but just found this by accident, and THERE'S NEARLY NO TIME TO GET IT DONE. Please forward widely (and quickly): Increase the EV tax credit cap per manufacturer. | We the People: Your Voice in Our Government Increase the EV...
  39. Patrick0101

    5 Suggestions for a Better U.S. EV Incentive

    Make it a point-of-sale incentive instead of a tax credit Increase it to $10,000 The limit should not be per manufacturer Incentive persists until plug-in cars are 2% of sales Gradually decrease the incentive amount More details here <link>
  40. Haxster

    $7,500 US Tax Credit Analysis

    From the IRS site: “Qualified Plug-In Electric Drive Motor Vehicle Credit (IRC 30D) Phase Out The qualified plug-in electric drive motor vehicle credit phases out for a manufacturer’s vehicles over the one-year period beginning with the second calendar quarter after the calendar quarter in which...
  41. W

    Federal tax credit when moving to the US

    Hi everyone, I am about to move to the US and intend to get the Model S as my car. Very excited about it! I am not entirely sure when exactly I will "officially" be in the US from a tax perspective as it depends on how long it takes to get my visa and such sorted out. I would expect it to...
  42. M

    Should I wait?

    I live in Maryland where there is a $3,000 excise tax credit, although I will be moving to Florida in July where there is no state incentives. I am considering leasing a Model S. On the surface at least, it would make sense to do pull the trigger on a lease while still in Maryland to take...
  43. Eseell

    EVSE Tax Credit Good Through 31 Dec. 2014

    I haven't seen a thread for this yet, so I thought I'd point out that if you have installed an EVSE this year (or will) in the US then you might be eligible for this tax credit that was just extended last week. Green Car Reports: Tax Breaks Back For Electric-Car Charging Stations, Natural-Gas...
  44. Brightonuk

    $7500 Tax Credit Taken Back

    I have a 2011 Nissan Leaf that was a 3 yr lease beginning 12/15/2011. Nissan have agreed to take car back under the Florida Lemon law (I complained about the abysmal mileage every month to the dealer) I was told they would refund all the money I had spent on the car thus far, which made me very...

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