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Heater failures in Model Y

How many heater failures in the Model Y

  • 1)Vin (last six digits, with "xxx" in the last three) 2) Date of manufacture 3) Mileage 4)Date of fa

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  • 1)Vin (last six digits, with "xxx" in the last three)

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2021 MYLR VIN 88,XXX, Rd/Wh, 12/20 delivery
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Oct 28, 2020
Fort Worth
Let's keep this simple.

Vin (last six digits, x out the last 3...ex. 088xxx)
Date of manufacture (if you know it)
Date of failure

Probably best if there's no commentary or discussion. There's already plenty of that throughout the Model Y forum.

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I don't understand. 838 views, only 6 heater failures posted?
I think people on this forum get a false sense of the customer base. Most customers aren't on this website researching and discussing their cars. If it helps, when I dropped my car off because the heater went out and we were 12 hours away from home, the SC we went to said we were the 3rd couple to come in with the same situation (heater went out in the middle of nowhere on a roadtrip). They didn't say how many other heaters from locals they'd gotten tickets for but I got the sense it was quite a lot because they said they were moving us out-of-staters to the top of their list so we don't have to wait weeks to get our cars fixed and shipped back to us, plus they want their loaners back I'm sure.
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Kadify: this survey was purely for general info, surveying the readers here. For sure, it wouldn't match the real number of failures, since only Tesla knows that.
Vin 86xxx
Mileage approx 4k
Delivery dec 26 2020
Vaughan ont

car heated up nicely in driveway while plugged in. After driving it got cooler. Defrost worked, heat not so much. Made a service request after reading about pressure sensor failures on the app. Tesla did remote diagnostics and said it was fine. I had panel gaps to have fixed (frunk lopsided when latched, seat switches in trunk only work if small seat is dropped first...and still remains that way after 2 fixes..). As i drove 2 hours to my appointment the car did not really warm up much and rear windows stayed frosted. After 1.5 hours the snowflake appeared next to battery!! Once i got to SC i said there is no way my car heat is fine! They ran diagnostics, an hour later they called me and said there was an issue with 3 pressure sensors. The temperature was -20c the day i drove to tesla so it was a good test to know emphatically that the heat didn’t work. As i wrote earlier, parts of the heat did work...just not well. Now it is great and my range seems vastly better too (heat pump actually producing heat for the battery?!)
My advice... if in doubt, get them to run diagnostics on site.
Another simple test...turn on rear vents and place your hand over that rear console vent while driving. It should get hot! Before it was warm...now hot, especially once the car has warmed up a bit.
I am heavily involved with this issue in Alaska. More then just me have or had it.

My vin is 76XXX, it failed the day I picked it up on Feb. 4, 2021. 2021 MYP. It is now working - 3 new sensors and the latest SW build of 2021.4.6.... In fact if you are a Y in Alaska and no heat and haven't talked to the mobile tech (or texted him) you need to let him know.

I have had heat the past several days and it's been back down in the sub zero range where it's failed before. Could it fail again? Maybe. But I have hope it won't - and I'm keeping the the Y as I was within my right to reject it. I will know more once the others get their new sensors. So it's kinda of a premature post in the regard. And I was able to get the inside up to 81F in -3F weather and even the battery heating light to go off, which are new things for me even in higher temps.
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