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How do I make Tesla honor my referral code when they refuse to?

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I bought two Tesla cars last summer - a Model S and a Model X. The referral at the time in Virginia was for unlimited supercharging on June 30. I bought both cars. The sales guy put my friend's referral code on the Model X but forgot to put it on the Model S order. I didn't realize it at the time.

Now I am being charged for supercharging on my Model S but not my Model X. When I reported this to the Tysons Corner Sales folks, they said they cannot do anything about it. When I contacted [email protected], they said since the referral code was not added to both cars (clearly an oversight by the Sales person) but just to one car even though they were bought on the same day by the same person (me), they cannot do anything about it. They even told me my asking about it was a violation of the integrity of the Referrals program and not to contact them any more (specifically they said they won't respond to me any more!). Not quite the way I thought I would be treated by a company when I dropped around $200k cash on one day!!

My question is: has this happened to someone else? How did you solve this?
Who do I even escalate this to, if both Tesla Sales and Tesla Referrals refuse to honor the Supercharging referral? Tesla corporate?

It's weird that one of the cars was set up correctly and the other car wasn't... and they were literally bought at the same time. One of my friends told me to tweet elonmusk but there has got to be a better way than going to the founder of the company for each thing.

Thoughts? Suggestions?