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How to add FAST wireless charging.

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So as the title says - I know there are plenty of wireless pads for the TM3, but these are the slow type that will still drain the phone while having the screen on / gps ( Waze ). I have a fast wireless charger dock in my old car and it was works great.

I have seen people mention they can use a pass-thru powerback to power the wireless quick charger.
Have anyone done that, and if so what combo ( powerback + chargeing pad ) are you using?
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I pre-ordered mine but I have no idea if it does or doesn't have the battery. It was one of the reasons I went with the Nomad. How can I tell if it has the battery? Once I get mine back from the SC I guess I can try unplugging it and seeing if it still charges?

That would work, I imagine. Also you can probably easily tell since the original one was quite bulky due to the battery, no?
Just an update:

I ordered the TapTes model I linked above and used a QC 2.0 / 3.0 Battery pack to power ($25 buxs) it instead of the car USB - which is connected to charge the powerpack, aka "Passthru" mode.

It showed Fast Wireless Charging on my S9!

Success. No need to route the 12v power over.