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Humming sound after leaving the car

Hi guys,

I am new to Tesla and just picked up my M3SR+ today. I noticed that after I parked andl eft the car and locked it, the car still makes a humming sound from the frunk. Maybe it is from the heat pump. I tried manually turning of climate control and it still has the sound. Is that normal? Does it go away in a while after the car is parked?

Pumps will circulate the "coolant" all the time the car is awake, to move heat between motors, battery etc. The car can stay awake for 30 min, 1h or even more, there are a lot of factors that can keep it awake. The car will also wake itself up when it feels like it for a few reasons, including cabin overheat protection, 12V battery needs charging etc, Obviously the car cannot sleep while it is charging, you will always hear the pumps in that case. If things get really hot, you could hear the big fans start as well.
Another thing you could hear is the heat/ac system fan. After you use the car for a while, it might run the fan for a while to dry the evaporator. That is to prevent it from developing bad odors that some people have complained about.