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HVAC: Consolidated Compressor Fault(s)

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I had my roadster in the shop a few weeks ago for a noisy AC compressor. Casey at the Denver Service Center unbent a hose and wrapped some insulation around it, which mostly got rid of the noise. Today I was charging up before leaving and got HVAC: Consolidated Compressor Fault(s) ID:1428 Data:0x30000000. The car is still drivable. I have an appointment next week. Could this just be the AC compressor? If so, does anyone have a ballpark on the cost? I know a BMW compressor is at least $300 and 6 hours of labor. Is it an off-the-shelf part and maybe something I could replace myself?

Everyone seems to complain about how bad the AC is on hot days, but mine seems plenty cold. I could definitely tell when it was diverted, but that never lasted longer than a minute or two on the few upper 90 degree days we've had. I don't use it much below that.

I drop it off next Wednesday, and will let you guys know.

If it's just the compressor, I'll check to see if there is anything in the service manual about replacing it. On most cars, it's pretty straightforward, just a pain in the butt.
1.5 compressor:

PolyVinylEther compressor (PVE lubrication oil)
non servicable rotary/rolling piston type pump
250-400V (AC)
20-80% PWM
8A max. current
6500 rpm max.
blue color item, located deep down under front hood belov the DC/DC converter

2.0/2.5 compressor
Poloyester Oil Compressor (POE)
400V (AC)
metall color (smaller than the one in the 1.5; no seperate containment looking like a bucket)

Important: no mixing of PVE and POE oil types. When using a HVAC recovery machine be sure to purge before using different oil.
Receiver dryer should be exchanged when refilling or leckage avoiding contamination of the HVAC system.