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Vendor Imfamouns Tire Wear Solution!! (2021+ Model S LR/ Plaid ) w/ EVPE shims

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Looking at the camber in the before and current numbers. They are the same. Toe changed, but not camber. So the shims did not change the camber? I used shims to adjust camber in a Solo Race car. The shims were washers. Just watched the video, and saw initial camber was -2.4, so not sure where your chart is from. -2.4 is way too much for any street car, no wonder the insides wear out. Had some negative camber on my Model 3, and I flipped the tires on the rims and got another 10k out of the tires.
This is before / after the alignment. Both which occurred AFTER the shims were installed
How do these compare to the macsboost adjustment? These look much nicer, but I am curious because the macsboost site does not exactly specify how much camber it reduces, so it is difficult to compare the two options.

Silver = 0.7 degrees of reduction

Red = 1.5 degrees of reduction

I believe our price is more competitive, nicer looking, and our red shims also come with extended grade 10.9 bolts.
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Another happy customer with real world result!

Screenshot 2024-06-04 124229.png
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It bothers me to see all these X owners installing silver shims. I think the X needs a thicker shim than the S so every X (not lowered) which runs primarily in low, should be doing red. Even N2itive recommends -0.50° to -0.65° rear camber and you'd be lucky to get to -1.65° with silver at low setting. If you've lowered your X, you need even more than the red.