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Internet Radio playing while car is updating firmware

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Very strange. I got notice this afternoon I had a firmware update waiting to install. When I got home I told it to Install Now.
When I went out to the garage a few minutes later to do something, the radio was playing and the dc charging ports were live. But the screens were both blank and unresponsive.
I tried to turn off the music with the scroll wheel, but no response.

Never had this happen with any other update.
A minute or two later, the radio turned off.
Maybe this software update activates some sort of sleeper AI system before the car finally fulfills it's destiny to take us all over. Hail Lord Musk! :)

But really, it's strange that you noticed that because it did the same with mine. That being said, the car functions normally and the update worked.
Kind of related to the topic:

I heard recently that when the clock symbol appears the data have already downloaded and are just waiting to be installed.

I noticed the other night when the clock appeared that the message said that the update was ready to be installed. Not that it was ready to download.

Can anyone here answer? Does the clock symbol mean it's time to download and install or just install?