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Low inventory?

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Mar 28, 2021
Hi, so i'm looking to buy a tesla, never owned one before.
I've been scouring the used inventory on tesla.com for a few weeks,
.There was one car I was ready to buy but it sold rather quickly
I've been looking on https://ev-cpo.com/hunter/ and theres literally only 3 cars nationwide that meet my filters and my filters are not that extensive.

Is this normal or is inventory as low as I think it is? Anybody know when a better time to buy might be, I could extend my lease on my current car and just wait.
Inventory low because they haven't made an S in 3 months. So anyone who wanted one in that time frame had only used to choose from. So, yeah, I would extend your lease or pick another car. Inventory is going to be low for a little while but I suppose when the Plaid starts shipping, some might be turning in their P100D. But how long that takes to filter down to you is tough to say. Maybe 3-4 months from now?
Yeah, what are you looking for?
Roughly the same... for one of the cars. When you said "3" I recognized that number. lol

I usually track several cars at once but two in particular I've been watching for years now. We need one that is more of a range monster for road trips that the wife drives and the other needs to be performance since it just sits in the garage mostly and is more of a toy for me. I'm constantly watching the market over several years now for good deals on both of those. I've been slowly upgrading our cars over the years whenever I spot a decent deal on whatever it is we're looking for at the time. Then sprinkle in whatever cars my friends are looking for as well.

I recently found two for a couple of buddies which was cool considering one was in-the-market for about 8 months. He took delivery over the weekend of a loaded white on white Model S 100D and is in love. The other one got lucky and finally told me to find him a car one night over some beers, gave me particulars and I found him the exact car at a killer deal the next morning. It was the exact color combo he wanted and his price range was "$60k-$70k" and the car I found was $52k. Needless to say he was pretty stoked.

Strangely enough, as soon as he pulled the trigger is when the inventory started dwindling. The next car that matched his criteria was $58k and then after that they were well into the 60's. The one for $58k went immediately after he pulled the trigger.

Right now is a tough time to try to find a Model S and I feel really fortunate I found those two cars when I did because if I had to look today they'd spend at least $10k more for the same thing. I guess it's a good time to have a used Model S for sale! ;)
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Carmax recently started selling again, I think Vroom has been said to be a good source as well. Carvana. Guess you have to search far and wide and use all of the sources
Be extra vigilant with these other resources to include 3rd party dealerships. I sold two used Model S cars to two different buyers who initially bought from Carmax and Carvana but refused delivery upon inspection due to the overall condition not being fully disclosed on the front end. Bother buyers were over the moon with the condition of the cars that they bought from me given their previous experience. I'm not saying that they're all like that but, much like used from Tesla & 3rd party dealerships, condition can vary greatly. When it comes to used values on these cars that began life well into the six-figure-range, condition is everything.
I bought my model S about 18 months ago and tried to use Carvana, but couldn't decipher which options packages were included in the car. I'm now in the market again for my wife's car and can happily report that Carvana now takes a picture of many of the settings screens in the MCU so that you can now figure out if the car has FSD, among other options. Now if only the prices would come down a bit!