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Model 3 Acronyms list

Thanks for this acronyms list. I've saved it.

Can someone explain "LFP" which I found on the "Updated Range.,.,.," Master Thread?

Master Thread: "Updated Range and 0-60 time for Model 3 and Y" and found this post of 1 Nov 2001

"This part also points to LFP in SR+
'Very Cold Weather
For the best long range driving experience in the coldest driving conditions, we recommend a Long Range or Performance Model 3'"
Tesla specific acronyms of interest to Model 3 owners / buyers:

AP : Autopilot
AP1 : Autopilot Version 1 (on Model S using MobileEye cameras)
AP2 : Autopilot Version 2
AWD+: AWD model 3 with Acceleration Boost option
CPO : Certified Previously Owned
D : Dual Motor
DBM : Deep Blue Metallic (Dark blue paint)
DS : Delivery Specialist
EAP : Enhanced Autopilot
EAP : Early Access Program
FSD :Full Self Driving
HPC: High Powered Connector (older style of HPWC)
HPWC : High Powered Wall Connector
ISA : Inside Sales Advisor
LR : Long Range battery option
MR : Mid Range battery option
M3 : Model 3
MS : Model S
MX : Model X
MSM : Midnight Silver Metallic (Dark silver paint)
NoA: Navigate on Autopilot
P : Performance
P- : Stealth Performance models (P power without bigger wheels, etc.)
P-AWD : Performance AWD. Sometimes just P.
PUP : Premium Upgrade Package
PUP : Performance Upgrade Package
SA : Sales Advisor (is there one that's not inside?)
SAS : Smart Air Suspension
SC or SuC : Supercharger. Tesla DC fast charger.
SC : Service Center.
SoC : State of Charge
SR : Standard Range battery option
TACC : Traffic Aware Cruise Control (Adaptive cruise control)
TM3 : Tesla Model 3 (to distinguish from BMW)
UMC : Universal Mobile Connector (AC charging cable)
WC: Wall Connector (same as HPWC). Tesla's L2 EVSE with Tesla's proprietary connector.

General industry / automotive acronyms:

AEB : Automatic Emergency Braking
AWD : All Wheel Drive
RWD : Rear Wheel Drive
RHD: Right Hand Drive. (Steering wheel on right for where they drive on wrong side of the road).
LHD: Left Hand Drive. (Steering wheel on left for where they drive on correct side of the road).
HUD: Heads Up Display. Information projected on windshield so you can see it while driving.
ICE: Internal Combustion Engine (What regular non-electric cars use)
LFP: Lithium-Ferro-Phosphate battery. More environmentally friendly battery tech for shorter range cars.
EV: Electric Vehicle (typically short for BEV these days)
BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle (Electric motor drives wheels powered by a battery)
HEV: Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Hybrid which CAN'T be plugged in to charge battery)
PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (Hybrid which CAN be plugged in to charge battery)
EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. The box on your wall or cable you plug your EV into.
L1: Level 1 EVSE, Around 10-12A @ 120V AC (common wall outlet). Slow charge rate.
L2: Level 2 EVSE, Around 32-50A @ 240V AC (dryer outlet). Medium charge rate.
L3: High-speed DC charger, 400V+ at very high current. Fast charge rate.
J1772: A type of EVSE connector. The (non-Tesla) AC charge connection standard in USA
DCFC: DC Fast Charger - A high-speed DC charger. See "L3".
CCS: A modification of the J1772 connector that allows for DCFC. ( Used in Chevy Bolt )
CHAdeMO: A type of EVSE connector that allows for DCFC. ( Used in Nissan LEAF )

FWD: Falcon-Wing-Doors (Tesla Model X), or Front-Wheel-Drive (some ICE cars.)
MCU: Media-Control-Unit - one of the computers in Tesla vehicles.
this is solid thanks for providing
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Upper right corner, looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-06-06 at 7.37.10 AM.png
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