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Model 3 first impressions and small issues: 3 weeks in

Well it’s been 3 weeks since getting the car and in case anyone wanted to hear what it’s like owning a Model 3 from another first-time Tesla owner, here we go:

• First, I love pretty much everything about this car. It’s surreal when you get it, it almost felt like it still wasn’t mine, like this can’t be real life etc etc.

• Interior is great, seats are SUPER comfortable. Very ergonomic. Arm rests feel nice and plenty of coushin.

• I like the piano black finish on the console much better in person than I did in pictures. Maybe it’s because I’m careful, but I haven’t noticed any major issues with fingerprints or scratches.

• Air filtration is actually pretty good, never realized I didn’t have the recirculated air setting on until a week into ownership. I came from a 2002 Honda Accord where that setting was always on, otherwise I’d always get exhaust fumes in the cabin.

• Headlights are good, better than the S in my opinion (2018 100D). They seem brighter.

• Single screen is fine. I adjusted to the speed limit being in a different area in the first few min of driving it.

• If you’re going to be showing your 3 to a lot of people, keep the factory screen protector on. That way you won’t have to worry about people scratching the screen. Or buy a screen protector (got one from abstract ocean and it’s been pretty solid).

• Steering wheel is awesome! The size is smaller compared to the S (like going from a men’s sized basketball to women’s). Turns are easier and it just fits better in my hands than any other steering wheel I’ve ever had.

• Accleration is awesome. Not as gut punchy as an S but compared to a 100D the Model 3 felt oddly faster to me. Perhaps it’s the better visibility out the front and you’re closer to the front of the car? Idk.

• Sound system as others have said is incredibly good. You can hear a lot of the detail in the music your playing. Also better than the S premium sound system (in my opinion).

• Phone key works like a charm for me. Now I’m getting to the point of walking up to my old Honda trying to get in without realizing I need to unlock it first .

Some initial issues with the car/delivery:

• Never got a red mini Model 3. Delivery 3/30 in Raleigh. (Tesla service got me one after my first service appointment.)

• Charge port door error appeared after first wash. It would then open and close randomly when the car was in park for a few days. (Entire assembly replaced by Tesla service.)

• Residue left on the screen and steering wheel. (Steering wheel cleaned at delivery, service cleaned the screen later. I originally thought it was a crack).
• Front hood misaligned (Service was able to realign the hood, but nicked the paint in serval areas. Service will put my car into a body shop to have that repaired but has touched up the areas in the meantime.)
• Steering wheel scratches. I scratched the steering wheel several times by accident with my fingernails. Haven’t run into this issue before in a car, so don’t know if it’s because of the different shape of the steering wheel or the material Tesla is using, but be warned, it can scratch pretty easily. (Service buffed our the scratches for me free of charge which was rather nice of them).

• Driver’s side windshield wiper became loose and popped up more than it should over time until one day when I opened the frunk, the cap over the main bolt on the wiper popped off, my hood got scraped and a good chunk of the wiper was taken off by the hood. (Tesla replaced the entire wiper assembly, said first one I had wasn’t properly installed. They also touched up areas where the wiper caused damage to hood.)

Overall, I expected there to be minor issues with the car after reading these forums for the past few years and hearing about other owner’s experiences. I’ve felt very taken care of by Tesla service. Hell, they gave me a 100D for the weekend, so I felt VERY taken care of .

I love this car and know you all still waiting for yours will too. It won’t be 100% perfect, but it’s a Tesla, it’s yours, and it’s one hell of an amazing car.

Last thing, if you watched the video, your eyes did not deceive you. That really was Elon Musk being propelled by The Boring Company flamethrowers to the sound of the Falcon Heavy lifting off. You’re welcome.


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Congratulations on the new car.

Needing to put a brand new car into a body shop for repaint because a badly fitted part then resulted in nicks and scratches is just absurd.

You have way more patience than I do.

What VIN series is it?
Congratulations on the new car.

Needing to put a brand new car into a body shop for repaint because a badly fitted part then resulted in nicks and scratches is just absurd.

You have way more patience than I do.

What VIN series is it?

Thanks! Yeah....it’s a bit absurd. But, at this point, not sure if I have any other options. Plus I’ve alredy got some scratches on the hood, not as bad as these though. So, I’m past the first scratch phase and just feel meh about about the body shop work.

VIN is 94**