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  1. B

    Charging issues with my CyberTruck

  2. K

    Crackling Sound on 2023 Model X Plaid

    I've had my X Plaid for more than a month now. When I took delivery I didn't notice anything wrong with the car but after I got home and drove it more it started to hear this crackling sound coming from underneath the car. It's the loudest in the morning after it's been sitting in my garage all...
  3. A

    Slower Acceleration and weird behaviour 2020 Model 3 SR+

    Question for 2019/2020 Model 3 SR+ Owners I have a 2020 (Purchased Dec 2019) with about 118,000kms (74,000mi) on the odometer. I’ve noticed the acceleration reduce quite a bit in comparison to my early 2021 build. Only differences are Michelin Radial X tires (80% tred) on the 2020 and mileage...
  4. B

    My new model 3 is having constant software issues - did anyone else experience this?

    I just bought my Model 3, about two weeks ago and I am having constant problems with my navigation system and cameras. My navigation just stops working and shows my car parked in a parking lot I left days ago. All my cameras just show black screens any time they are in use. I have tried...
  5. rowedav

    Wallbox scheduling issues since the time change to BST?

    So I have a Wallbox Pulsar Max for charging my Model 3 and so far it's been flawless. I have a schedule set for 00:30 - 04:30 each night (I'm on Octopus Go) though don't charge every night, Everything was working fine until the clocks went forward at the weekend. On Sunday when the time...
  6. F

    2023 Model Y Unacceptable Build Quality and Issues

    Hello All! I want to share my experience with the delivery of my Model Y yesterday (1/25/2023) a Burbank CA. The car was parked outside and the agent asked me to look around, I started seeing cosmetics issues, Paint bleeding, Scratches, Misalignment, wiring harness and others. The agent...
  7. D

    Couple of questions on 2017 Used Model S

    Hello folks, I am a new owner of a 2017 model s 100d that I just purchased from Tesla couple of weeks ago. I spent 73k for 39k miles on it. The car has used limited warranty till 50k or august 2023 and also drive train and battery till March 2026. I have been driving the car and have some...
  8. P

    Poor initial experience with my Tesla Model Y Performance

    Hi folks, Looking to see if any of you had a similar experience with your Tesla initially. I took delivery of my 22 Model Y Performance about three weeks ago. I've had a really rough go and find myself almost sick to my stomach when I think about how much I paid vs the quality of vehicle I...
  9. S

    Power failure? Car won’t go into drive, it seems power related

    My car had a series of error messages today and is no longer driveable. Has anyone else experienced this?
  10. J

    Model S Driving problems, thoughts?

    I have a 2016 P100D and I was casually driving today and made a right hand turn at a very reasonable/non-aggressive speed 10-15mph and the car instantly felt as if it fishtailed behind me as if I flew thru the turn at 40mph. I straightened it out and now the steering wheel is off center and...
  11. D

    Weak Windshield Fluid & Clunking Sound

    I just got the 21 LR back in July and since day 1 or 2, the windshield wiper fluid barely came out. I pretty much topped it off and tried again with no change whatsoever. Is it normal for the fluid to not shoot out like it does in virtually every single car out there? It looks like a little...
  12. R

    About to give up. Please help :/

    Hey all, I’ve contacted tesla multiple times, posted in here, talked on the phone with Tesla, and tried EVERYTHING humanly possible, and I still can’t see my safety score. I enrolled in the beta queue 2 weeks ago today, and have been driving very safely, but was never able to see my score. Today...
  13. Y

    Front Safety Restraint System Fault Refresh S

    Hey All. Searched around a bit and read on other models MY, M3 that sometimes the sensor wire connection can get faulty. Does anyone have this on the refreshed S. It has been appearing lately and after a few minutes it goes away.
  14. C

    Getting Model Y serviced, a documentary, Episode 1 - Identifying Delivery Issues

    Episode 1 -
  15. M

    Multiple Early Issues with M3

    Hello, (X-Post from Reddit) First, Happy New Year! I'm sure this type of post has been created many times, but I'm looking for a little advice. Just to be clear, I still really love my car, but the number of issues my car is giving me and the severely limited time I have to deal with them is...
  16. G

    2018 Model: Persistent Software Issues

    Hello, My apologies if this has been discussed in another thread already. I am curious if this issue is more widespread than my 2018 Model X. A few months after purchasing the car new, the software started malfunctioning randomly. Issues include, but not limited to: - Car not starting up...
  17. V

    TACC suddenly not stopping for red lights? Worked fine for 213km...

    Just picked up first Tesla yesterday, 2021 model 3 SR+ (No FSD). Also my very first EV. I've been really enjoying the car and experimenting with TACC. I love the feature, it stops at red lights, stops in traffic, and accelerates properly. Both days absolutely clear weather. I drove 217km total...
  18. markn455

    Upgraded MCU1 to MCU2 - Are you experiencing New Problems?

    I upgraded to MCU2 recently and now I am experiencing a whole new round of issues. Here is my list; What are your problems? WiFi: Sensitivity was poor with MCU1, is worse with MCU2 (upgrade) Cellular Coverage: If a new drive starts in a 3G area, it won't switch to LTE when driving into an LTE...
  19. SpeedyEddy

    Janken over tekortkomingen van Tesla (niet van personen s.v.p.)

    Ter vervanging van ontspoord draadje. Rules: we vallen elkaar hier niet aan maar melden (niet bekende) tekortkomingen en zeuren er niet te lang over door.
  20. B

    List of Issues (with new ones arising...)

    So we picked up a Model Y Performance last Thursday. Delivery experience was poor, and we've had all of these issues, with a couple new ones I found today (and I had my first mobile service appointment today too). 1) Frunk Alignment (minor) 2) Driver Side (DS) Mirror Cap Scratches 3) DS Front...
  21. CertLive

    Model 3 Customer cannon fodder & the right to full refund Dekra Report

    Its been a rather frustrating time owning a model 3. It was meant to be part of an enjoyable YouTube series which ended in me personally not wanting to poster something of bad quality. Yes I held back. I have documented here the cluster of a pickup experience with pictures and video in another...
  22. D

    Serious ordering issues (4 months in, 1 car payment, no car)

    So, based on the title, you can tell I'm having a bit of trouble. What would you do if this were you? What should I do? WARNING: bit of a read May 7th: I first ordered my Model Y (this was shortly after the factory reopened). June 25: I was told it was almost ready and would be on it's way to...
  23. antchobees

    Delivery 26XXX - 8 Issues - Made 07/20

    Ordered Early July. Original Delivery Date: 07/18. Delayed Delivery Date: 07/30. Car manufactured in 07/2020 Here are my problems with this delivery. 1. Frunk gap isn’t align correctly. 2. Both front driver and passenger seats looks like someone ran a knife through the back of it. Very...
  24. P

    Air conditioning issues

    Hello everyone, I do have issues with the air conditioning, when I set it to automatic and a set point of 24 deg C (75), I’ll be fine for 20 – 30 minutes or more. Then I get hot air and the temperature in the car goes to 25 in the app. It’s really not comfy. I have to open the windows...
  25. J

    FSD Computer upgrade issues

    I took my 2017 S P100D to the service center early yesterday for the AP2.0 to AP3.0 upgrade. The service center said that it would take around 4 hours to complete. It has now been almost two full days. The service center informed me that they are having software issues with the car and that...
  26. R

    If I find issues during pick up. What do I do?

    I been hearing a lot of buyers picking up their newly purchased Model Y and finding issues with the car. They either find them during inspection or after they take it home. I ordered a Model Y and I’m a bit scared that I will find problems. I’m going to create a list known problems and go...
  27. andymac

    Delivery Rejection - At least 18 issues found

    Hi all. First post. Wish it was a more positive one. Looking for advice / suggestions on what to do.... I had to reject collecting my Performance Model 3 yesterday because I found 18 issues with the car and they couldn't confirm they would fix them before I drove away. After asking around it...
  28. JWardell

    8 months and counting...Will I get Tesla solar installed this year?

    I signed up for Tesla Solar at the end of January just before the referral credit expired. I've been through multiple visits, designs, and entire teams at Tesla since. Signed off three times. Halfway through august, and they still haven't applied for permits! I want solar this year both for the...
  29. S

    Model 3 Scratches All Over And What Tesla's Tech Said

    Im sending these pics about a new model 3 thats been purchases 6 months ago. I had a Kia Soul for 10 years and when I sold it the paint was in better condition than my current Model 3. Im curious if you guys experience a similar situation. The strange this is that the tech in Tesla mtl...
  30. L

    Are these paint / chips issues acceptable for a new car?

    I looked at the paint of my model 3 yesterday when I got home from delivery. I found lots of touched up spots, scratches and a chip in the windshield. See pictures below, is it acceptable? Are your model 3’s like mine? I will ask them to fix it. Im wondering if my car is the exception.
  31. J

    I need input from fellow MX owners

    I am getting frustrated and could use some input. I have owned 4 Tesla's over the years. I started with a Model S 60, then went to a Model S 75D, then to a Model 3 LR RWD, and then in September 2018 I got a Model X P100D (this was an inventory vehicle - I was told when I was buying it that it...
  32. S

    Financial problem still not resolved

    So as much as I didn’t want to have to write this, I just don’t know what else to do. I took delivery of my car on 11/2 and when I took delivery I had a pre- approval loan check I had to fill out with all the information as far as how much I pay. Well when Tesla delivery at Mount Kisco, NY did...
  33. S

    P3D+ Issue: Front Undercarriage cover came loose (while driving)

    Hi all, First post. I took delivery of a P3D+ on 9/27. I've been absolutely awestruck with how well this thing drives, and have been driving way more as a result. Decided to go for a 110 mile trip with the family on Sunday, and about 60 miles from home, I hear a fluttering noise that is clearly...
  34. M

    M3 - Nothing turning on

    So I've had the Model 3 since the middle of July and haven't had any issues besides some crazy battery draining. Anyway, this past Sunday (September 23) I got in the car with my keycard (my phone doesnt have the best service at my apartment) and once I got in NOTHING was turning on. The app...
  35. S

    Issues after one week.

    No, I'm not a troll or a tesla short. I've been enjoying this car since I got it. I just wanted to share my list of problems I've noticed so far for new prospective buyers. I have a white RWD LR with EAP and 18s. VIN around 43000. I was hoping more problems would have been worked out by...
  36. fasteddie7

    2 years, 50k, what to do next...

    I have a 2016.5 model s 75d that is coming up on 2 years and 50k miles. I have been weighing options on what to do next. Come September, I can do my 4th annual service $750, buy tires $800, and buy the extended warranty $4250, or possibly sell/trade in and get a new model s/x. Anyone have the...
  37. W

    Woot's issue list

    I picked up my new Model 3 last weekend... and I'm seeing a few issues. I'm going to just document my experiences here, in case it helps anyone else. Don't get me wrong, I love the car and the company... but I think it's important to keep it honest and besides some of you might have run into...
  38. fasteddie7

    New member posts with crazy issues

    Is it me or do I see a lot of brand new members posting some crazy long story of how their brand new Tesla is a piece of crap or is a huge safety risk that caused them to wreck (with pictures). Every time I click on a title in the forum and see one of these long posts, all I have to do is look...
  39. Railhawk52

    Model 3 first impressions and small issues: 3 weeks in

    Well it’s been 3 weeks since getting the car and in case anyone wanted to hear what it’s like owning a Model 3 from another first-time Tesla owner, here we go: • First, I love pretty much everything about this car. It’s surreal when you get it, it almost felt like it still wasn’t mine, like...
  40. Railhawk52

    Issues with 110v gfic outlets

    I’ve been noticing issues when charging my model 3 with a 110v gfic outlet. I have an outlet in my garage and the model 3 trips the outlet just when it ramps up to 3 amps. I though it was an issue with the outlet and the wiring, but other heavy appliances work on it like my vacuum cleaner...
  41. MacGreiner

    Model 3 initial issues and errors

    We picked up out 53xx Vin about a week ago. Here is a summary of some of the issues we are finding. BTW - I offer this not as a whine session but to see if there are any quality themes appearing. I accept full well that previous owners share the double edged sword of being early adopters...
  42. steve841

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    This is what happens when war of the classes is promoted by your mainstream media and others ("fair share" comes to mind) ....... Rather than someone congratulating you on your purchase and success ... you are demonized for being rich (even if you're not). Not like the old days when you see a...
  43. MTOman

    Quality of Model X deliveries - March 2017

    I traded in my MS for a MX last week and am wondering if other recent deliveries are having similar issues. I ordered mine a few days before Christmas and just took delivery last Friday. The first problem was apparent as soon as I got it home and plugged it into my 80 amp HPWC, it would only...
  44. 1

    5 seater - Model X issue "Second Row Seats Not Secure"

    Hi Bought my Model X - 90D and took delivery in mid December 2016, of a 5-seater Model X. Just discovered a issue with the 5-seater, by sitting in the second row seats while my girlfriend was driving. After getting in the car and sitting in the second row, and as my girlfriend puts the car...
  45. DJ 240V

    Tesla on the least reliable cars list - owners agree?

    see the post from consumer reports ranking tesla at the bottom of the reliability list. Largely due to issues on Model x. Why Consumer Reports rips Tesla for lousy reliability
  46. fasteddie7

    Negativity bias?

    Hi everyone! I take delivery of my model s tomorrow so I have been more aggressively combing through the forums to learn as much as I can, one thing has stood out though: I couldn't help but notice the high volume of posts with nightmarish stories. From autopilot parking crashes and spontaneous...
  47. SSD420

    MX going to SC, after 1 month

    Tomorrow morning my Model X is finally going to the SC for a bunch of issues I had reported including mysterious obstacles preventing my FWD's from, window issues, parts separating from the car, certain parts wearing way too quickly, feeling electric currents while sitting in the car charging...
  48. Hengist

    Model X: Issues and Answers

    Suggesting a sticky thread of interesting issues that have been encountered with the Model X. Here's my two: 1. Charge port would not open when I pressed the front of it. There is a small "bumper" in the front corner of the charge port. That is where the switch for the press to open function...
  49. tanner

    Bluetooth issues!!!!

    I keep getting this message and service says it's no big deal and that "it happens" - I keep having to reboot the center console.