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Model S Must-Haves to Achieve Perfection

Discussion in 'Model S: User Interface' started by Sgutz, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Sgutz

    Sgutz Member

    Mar 28, 2015
    #1 Sgutz, Apr 14, 2015
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
    While I'm waiting for my late May P85D delivery I started looking for things that I think need to be improved on the car. There aren't many things need to make the user experience perfect but there are some:

    - Support Video. I don't think anyone is asking for video while driving, but there are many times when I'm sitting in the car waiting for my wife. The car is stopped so I should be able to stream some video - maybe Netflix. There are some obvious safety restrictions on video, but having no support for it likely has more to so with the 3G/LTE bandwidth required. While this may be restricted by some deal between Tesla and the cell carriers, it's ridiculous to not support video while the car is parked.

    - Support Spotify. This one is even crazier. Why on Earth is there no support for the Spotify player - the most popular music streaming service on the planet. Surely there are enough big brains and small enough egos between the two companies to get the job done. I'm seriously considering ditching my premium Spotify service because it isn't supported in the place where I spend a good deal of my life. I know I can dongle my iphone to the car and play through that, but this seems like a massive omission to me and huge missed opportunity for Spotify to snag more paying users who want to listen to their play lists everywhere including their car.

    - Support Better Voice Control. The limited set of 5-6 phases that the car recognizes is insane. Why can't I use voice for searching in the browser or navigating a web site. It should support the same sort of free-form language that Apple provides with Siri, or the similar capability form google. I should be able to ask things like "Are there any traffic issues ahead?" and get a reasonable result back (e.g. traffic cameras, reports, etc.).

    - Improved Nav. Some of this can be fixed with better voice support, but the current Nav still seems a bit clunky and search seems more awkward than it could be. I do have to say that it is WAY better than the Nav I had in my Porsche though.

    - Create an AppStore for people to buy/sell custom apps for the Tesla eco system. I'm a software developer and there are many others like me who would like to be able to drop apps onto the car to augment what is currently there. Think about the opportunities that arise when a bunch of free thinkers create amazing things for the platform. It's one more way to make a great car compelling to everyone.

    These are a few random thoughts. Have I missed anything?
  2. CHG-ON

    CHG-ON Still in love after all these miles

    Jun 24, 2014
    Santa Cruz Mountains, USA
    starting at the top...

    1. Video while in park would be great. But I wonder how 3G would handle it. Poorly I would think. We need 4G!
    2. Totally agree. I bet it is a licensing/cost issue. I think they got a sweet deal from Slacker and TuneIn.
    3. Voice control simply sucks. Plain and simple. I never use it because it is essentially useless.
    4. No excuse for the nav, considering all the talent out there already doing light years of a better job. Just hire the damn talent and get it done.
    5. I would love that!!!
  3. bhzmark

    bhzmark Supporting Member

    Jul 21, 2013
    For voice control, hold down the voice button and say
    "Dial [name in your contacts]"
    "Navigate home/work/[name or category of other place]"

    It works perfectly about 95% of the time.
  4. Zythryn

    Zythryn M3 Silver, M3 Midnight Silver

    Mar 18, 2009
    Video- This is a cost/benifit decision. I am almost never in my car for more than a few seconds while parked. The cost of a 4G service would have been huge to Tesla. This is an option that I feel would actually detract from the car.

    Spotify- most likely a 100% cost issue. My guess is Spotify wasn't willing, or offered a higher price point than Slacker and Tunein. So, Slacker got the contract. This may change in the future, or may not. Frankly, I'm happy with Slacker and thrilled with Tunein.

    Voice - I like the voice control better than any other I have used. The natural language aspect of it is wonderfully easy to use and the accuracy is very good. This would be an area where improvements in the number of commands would always be welcome, however not at the cost of accuracy.

    Navigation- This, I feel, is their weakest point (although it improved a lot with 6.2).
    I would like them to add options for waypoints other than superchargers, and if viewing round trip estimates, it would be nice if that persisted past reaching the destination.

    App Store - Agreed, although I am in no rush and want them to take their time to insure security. I would love to turn the main console into a Star Trek console:wink:

    All that said, they will never achieve perfection, no one can. They can strive for it.
    Taken as a whole, the Model S comes closer to perfection than any car in the world:cool:
  5. zzzzdoc

    zzzzdoc Member

    Sep 14, 2014
    Tampa Bay, Florida
    1.) Speed Dial buttons for common telephone numbers. Having to use voice control and push 5 buttons to call home is crazy.
    2.) Tire pressure monitors that tell you which tire is low.
    3.) Nav system that doesn't avoid highways and lets you choose quickest, or shortest, etc... Like a Lexus has had for 15 years.
    4.) More storage.
    5.) Better voice control.
  6. Mercury

    Mercury Member

    Dec 28, 2014
    Scottsdale, AZ
    2A charging on the USB ports. When I was going over the car after delivery, I kept bumping into things I hadn't researched or considered. Every time, the car beat or exceeded expectations. I looked at the USB ports and assumed, "oh, at least one of those is 2A for sure, no doubt about it".

    Then I looked it up.

    There have been other minor disappointments, but you always remember the first. It could have been perfect a bit longer.
  7. GaryREM

    GaryREM Member

    Jul 16, 2013
    Fairfax, VA
    I keep seeing an interest in an 'app' store. But, I just don't believe this is going to happen (or if it does it will happen on a tremendously constrained basis).

    Any app would need to get access to vehicle data and implies that they have a way to allow that to happen securely and guarantee the app couldn't impact any systems. Since the app would be sharing the car's cell connection for any external connection's there would be an issue of impacted the built in systems using that connection.

    That's part of what makes systems like CarPlay so attractive. The impact on the car's systems is almost nonexistent, all computing and networking are offloaded to an external device -- the downside is it limits certain interactions.
  8. scottm

    scottm Active Member

    Jun 13, 2014
    Open source all the console code and put it on github.

    Make it an option for the owner to run a Tesla supported branch, or the open source branch.

    Flip back and forth at will.

    Go back versions in the car.

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