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Model Y: Display shows 2 volt upon being charged


Jul 1, 2020
Hi All,

I bought MY on 01Jul2020 with VIN 015xxx (yes, bad luck as I bought the car $3k more expensive, but am taking it in the stride!) . With the NEMA 14-50 not yet installed, I was charging car with 5-15 outlet with frustrating charge times after long trips, but took it in stride as well! The car used to charge at 12 A and usually displayed "12/12A.... 119 volts". Once charging was complete, it displayed "0/12A.... 0 volts"

I had assessment done while remodeling garage and I rrealized my garage had guage 12 wires and 20 amp breaker, so installed 5-20 wall outlet and ordered 5-20 nema adapter from tesla website. The car now charges upto 7 miles an hour. I get about 85 miles charged overnight, which is way more than enough for my daily run! Also I keep the car at 80% max charging and frequently charge the car, as I want to keep a low "depth of discharge" that should enable the battery to last 10-12 years or more with my usage. While charging, the car goes upto "19/16A" (yes, nineteen A) current for a second then goes down to 16, and displays something like "16/16A.... 119 volts". My question is: when charging is complete, the car displays "0/16A.... 2 volts". I am confused why the car displays 2 volts with 5-20 adapter while it was displaying 0 volts with 5-15 adapter upon successful charging? Is there something to worry about?

Second question? Do these cars "eat up" electricity even after completely charging, and while plugged in. I noted that my car would lose 1 mile range every 8 hours of so if disconnected from mobile connector and in "parked" mode.

So why does my car show 2V and decreases a mile of range every 8 hours or so? Sometimes I have even noted occasional hum when car is locked, parked and no one is inside the car, then the sound stops!

Advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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Feb 19, 2015
Boise, ID
I don't see how it could show 2V. Could you get a picture of the screen and post it when it's doing this? We've seen sometimes where people mix up or forget what the units are for numbers they see on the screen, and I want to make sure of what it's displaying to have a better answer.


Jan 27, 2014
Madison, WI
It's common for it to show 1-2V when the charging adapter has disconnected the power path to the car after charging has completed (or before it starts, if you have delayed charging set). Honestly, what you're seeing is <1% error in measurement on the line, and it's no big deal. Tesla should probably filter that out in software, but they haven't, so there you have it.

And your car, like every Tesla, has "vampire drain". It pulls power from the pack to keep some computers running in low-power mode. If you have Sentry mode on, it will be quite considerable. If you don't, it will be small, but either way you have to live with it. Note that waking up the car unnecessarily (from the app, for instance) will increase vampire drain.


Jul 1, 2020
Here you go. Image is uploaded. I have 5-20 adapter attached to mobile connector, charging complete... And "2 V" is being displayed... Does not happen if I have 5-15 adapter instead...


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