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MPP comfort coilovers problem

So just wanted someone's input. I have a 22 m3p and several months ago got MPP comfort adjustable coilovers. The problem is the front left wheel looks like it is moved father forward bay about at least half and inch. The front right looks like it garters forward that stock and it appears the front left is pushed forward a tad more than the front right but not 100%. I reached out to MPP and they said their coilover kit doesn't move the location of the wheel forward at all but I remember seeing a post somewhere where a person mentioned the mpp coilover kit did move their front wheels forward a bit. Can anyone confirm this? To give some history I bought it used 6 months ago and it had eibach lowered springs. Paid a MPP authorized shop to install the coilovers about 3 months ago. Just want to make sure something couldn't be broken or if it's just the way it is.
Looking back at an old photo of my 2021 M3P while still on stock suspension, from when I first had 18x8.5" ET35 wheels with 245/45R18 tires mounted, the front wheel also looks slightly forward. Not as drastic as @Medic1977's photo though. Maybe lowering exacerbates it as @heavyD suggests.

I've since installed Redwood coilovers, staying close to stock M3P height, about 2-3mm lower after settling. Unfortunately I don't have any good clear photos since then directly facing a front wheel, and I don't have the car with me right now to check. I'll take a look and a new photo when I have a chance, probably tomorrow. I'm pretty sure my wheels still aren't that far forward, but I'm also not that low either.
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One more thing, @Medic1977 those are 255/35R20 tires right? I think that's about as large as can possibly clear the front knuckle. The larger tire diameter will contribute to how close the tire comes to the wheel well.

The 245/45R18 size I've been running is also a bit larger than stock but not quite as big around as your 255/35R20.

Btw I'm all for fitting as large a diameter as you can on this car, so long as there's no rubbing.
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I have the MPP comfort coilovers as well and at home after reading this thread I checked my car parked in my garage and from certain angles it does look like the driver side front wheel is forward somewhat. However my garage is slanted for a drain towards the middle so the car is not level side to side. Parked on a perfectly flat surface at work it looks perfectly centered when viewed straight on. There is kind of a weirdness when you view from just off center.

I did a quick search and there was a thread on the Model S forums about this on stock vehicles so I don't know if this is a Tesla thing where there's a slight variance from vehicle to vehicle but I'm not clear on how that would happen as it's pretty unusual.

While not as significantly, mine are also slightly foreword-biased in the wheel well, and I know they are installed correctly (did it myself)!

Given the wheels’ fore-aft position is located almost exclusively via the compression rod, I can’t think of a way the Coilovers could have caused this.
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