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P85D Picked up today!!!

Finally!! Picked up the P85D from the delivery center today. The car is pretty mildly optioned (Metallic Gray with black NextGen seats, black alcantara, Air Suspension and Tech Package).

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Having gone thru 7 German cars in the last ten years, it was a big thing to jump into a P85D and the car did not disappoint! I've also never test driven any of my cars before purchasing (mainly for the surprise factor) and the P85D was no exception- I've stepped foot in Tesla stores here and there, but never really spent much time looking at the car or the options.... In fact the P85D was ordered online and the "experience" felt pretty nifty, similar to ordering an Apple phone as many say. My DS and the Sales reps who contacted me after the deposit was placed were all pretty surprised when I told him I spent less than 3 minutes sitting inside a Tesla and never driven or ridden one. :smile:

In my prior vehicles, I've ordered them "stripped" of options all the way up to fully loaded, and based on my experience I find myself, to be right down the middle when it comes to using the options/features. I prefer "performance" oriented cars over "comfort/luxury" hence the no pano, mainly for weight/simplicity (although might be moot point given the weight of the car) and nextgen/black headliner. In fact I didn't even go for the Smart Air suspension until they warned me of a delay without it so I added it in. No dual charger because I can just plug it in before going to bed to a full charge in the morning. Didn't even upgrade the wheels/tires either, because of connections in the OE supply chain, i'll get it later or something. :tongue:

Ordering - I confirmed the order in early/mid November and at that time, the Tesla home page said "Early Dec" although the sales team was already warning me that its a very optimistic date, and sure enough, the delivery time slipped to late Dec shortly afterwards. In terms of keeping me informed, I would have to mirror the experiences of others here by saying the communication with sales & delivery team was scant, they didn't return too many phone calls or emails after the order was confirmed. In the end, it wasn't a big deal... since the car was delivered on time (and even a few days earlier than my expectation!!) my inquiries to them are essentially "assurances." I almost felt that the early Dec call to me about delaying the order 2-3 months if I didn't add Smart Air was a sort of bait and switch, but having added and receiving the Smart Air, I think its worth the money.. right now, I'm still a bit split on it because I need to use it a little more.

Production and Delivery - The car entered production fairly quickly, on/around Dec 19/20 and finished on Christmas Eve. With the holiday and all sorts of weird weeks, I was expecting last few days of the year or early 2015. But to my surprise the car arrived the day after Christmas and they wanted me to come in as soon as possible to pick it up! This felt surprisingly fast because with my previous cars, after tracking the voyage the boat full of BMW's from Germany to dock in LA, it's at least 1-2 weeks for customs, final vehicle processing, delivery to dealer, prep, and all that good stuff.

The car itself? Came delivered with NextGen seats (yay); autopilot with incomplete software (expected). Didn't see consumption fall below 400kw but thats because the excitement hasn't wore off yet. Was somewhat surprised to see the 19" wheels being non-staggered and the car coming with Michelin all season tires (instead of the high performance summer tires). Although in no way was it a letdown because I plan on going my own direction on wheel and tire anyways. I do have to add that I haven't had a proper launch INSANE mode as of yet due to tire slippage, but passengers are still screaming when accelerating so its fine :smile: ... the all season's won't last long anyways, LOL.

Overall it was a pleasant experience, delivery center is nicely designed/constructed, but, I think many would agree, that nothing beats the adrenaline rush of ripping down the German Autobahn and a few hot laps an the Nurburgring in your very own special ordered BMW M3 at >130mph (and still getting passed by Porsches) as well as the delivery experience BMW gives at the BMW Welt in Munich... Due to the fantastic pricing that BMW gives when doing European Delivery and given the hot resale/export market for slightly used BMW's, its never hard to resell the cars at close to full price, explaining why I switch so often. :smile:

So far, just 30 miles on the car, with many more coming later today. I'll also be doing some cosmetic changes to the car, so stay tuned!
Congrats! It sounds like we took similar approaches to purchasing.

I have an 85D ordered for March(when my Leaf lease is up) and while I have had the chance to sit in a Model S, I haven't done a test drive either. I live about 150 miles away from the nearest Tesla store in a city I rarely visit so going there is a hassle and I also like to surprise myself somewhat. :wink:

I also skipped the pano roof to save weight(efficiency) and keep the car warmer in our cold winter weather. From the drivers seat you can't really see out of the pano roof much, I think it is more impressive for rear passengers. If I lived in a warmer area and had more hair I would get the pano roof for sure.

I ordered the D because it Elon said it offered better efficiency(whether that turns out to be true remains to be seen) and because I am leery of driving a RWD vehicle in snow. I have always driven FWD vehicles in the snow without problems but around here most people park/store their sports cars for the winter.

I skipped the upgraded sound system because $2.5k is a little much for some extra speakers(it used to be $950) and using them with the sub/amp a lot on long trips could account for a decent amount of energy. Plus it adds extra weight.

I did get the air suspension because on rough roads the extra weight in my leaf tends to make the vehicle oscillate a bit so I am looking forward to a smoother ride even if it ends up costing me more down the road. I also am looking forward to being able to raise the car a few inches for snow and unimproved roads.

I did end up changing my order recently to add the dual chargers - I don't think they are necessary and wont be much use 99% of the time, I still charge my Leaf off of 110V at night right now. But I intend to make the Model S my primary road trip vehicle and often travel to rural areas where superchargers may not be installed for a long time(and high powered 80A chargers may not be either)... I have wasted a lot of time trying to decide on this feature. ¯\(°_o)/¯

I would really like to get the NextGen seats, but Tesla won't let me get them without stepping up to the P, and I really don't need that much power. I have never owned a performance or luxury vehicle and grew up in a lower middle class family so I am not used to spending much on a vehicle even though I can afford it now. I hope my family doesn't hate me for dropping $100 grand on a car. The Leaf is the quickest car I have ever driven so any Tesla vehicle is going to be an incredible upgrade.

So I have ordered the boring leather seats and matte wood dash(because it looks really good in recent delivery pics) - and the tech package w autopilot is a requirement for a nerd like me.

I agree that communication with Tesla reps has been adequate, but spotty. I think they are all dealing with an increased customer workload since the D dropped and need to keep hiring in order to keep up with customer demand.

Is your steering wheel heated? That is one of the few features my Leaf has that Tesla has been missing.

Enjoy your ride! I am eagerly waiting for mine.
Hey Paul, I actually spent quite a LOT of time trying to figure out the dual charger, wall charger issue and ended up getting neither. Due to the spirited driving and giving test rides, I was driving maybe 60 miles a day and burning about 100-120 miles of "rated range".

With just the NEMA 14-50 240V circuit/outlet the car is essentially fully charged (to 85% limit) after about 3-4 hours. General consensus among friends is that I should have gotten wall charger + dual charger but I feel that as long as I "top it off" every other night or so, it wouldn't be a problem... But if say you were coming home on empty at midnight and need to get out again by 8am with 100%, its not going to happen. Another possibility is if you share the car with your spouse accidentally throw each other under the bus by leaving it empty, cuz you'd be really stuck!

To answer your other question, my steering wheel is NOT heated (didn't get the cold weather package) but I still have the heating function for the front seats.

And yeah, spending $2-3k on sound system, upgraded interior might be a moot point relative to the cost of the car, but adds up quick. Aside, you can get a fairly decent pair of living room speakers for $3k and a damn good sofa for $4k haha.

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