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Passenger loading panic - Beep-Boop and Trunk

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Real life experience: lots of driving my X90D over past few weeks with family in town, luggage, grandchildren, car seat, shopping and airport runs. Usually it’s just my wife and I so this experience could be more like daily for a soccer Mom. It’s 12degF, we’re standing in the slush of a packed parking lot trying to get everyone and everything in with doors shut. We have the 6 seat arrangement: 4 adults plus 1 2 year old in a rear face car seat middle row. One 3rd row seat down to make trunk space.

My wife is in front passenger seat with door closed (and totally focused on cranking up her bun warmer.). My son and daughter-in-law-loading via each FWD, one headed to 3rd row; other seating and securing the toddler. I load the groceries to the trunk and press the trunk edge close button and head up front. BOOP!! SCREEM!

Our parental units freaked thinking the 2 FWDs were closing on them, each 1/2 inside. They knew the sound, but it was only the trunk moving of course. I dive in to the touchscreen to hit STOP. Obviously no one was actually in danger in retrospect, but we all freaked out at once. (I know and have tested the closing on myself to check it stops first day of delivery)

I suggest the user interface be revised; I.e. have a distinctly different (maybe more gentle)sound for trunk and frunk then what is used for FWDs.

Anyone else share problems like this? Do Tesla trouble shooters and design factor people read the forums?