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Passenger mirror unfolds in garage randomly

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Yep, it's been a problem for a while. I keep hoping that some OTA update will fix it, but it never does. For me it works best if I turn off "unlock at home". Then it stops randomly unfolding when I'm not in the car, and only randomly unfolds when I get in the car to drive.

I hate to be one of those people, but I do think "how are they going to make a self-driving car if they can't even figure out how to keep the mirrors folded?".

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I've been reporting this very issue repeatedly to Tesla for over a year. It's a software issue, not a hardware issue. The service center people claim that the issue is "on the list" to be fixed, but their software developers are too busy with safety related issues. (Sounds legit, like, why should you want your mirror defect fixed when they're working on safety-related issues? You're a bad person!) Conclusion based on this claim: Tesla software is so unsafe that they have no time to fix warranty-covered defects. Observation: Tesla puts a lower priority on warranty-covered defects and a higher priority on new software for video games, new software for putting on a synchronized light show, and new software for improved fart noises.

My advice: report this defect to Tesla service. If you're under warranty, demand that it be repaired (just like any other defect: there's nothing special about software defects). Don't give up. When they tell you to pound sand, re-submit the service request.