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Power braking assist reduced

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Got an error this morning when starting the car up. Pressed the brake, selected reverse, switched to the accelerator and the car would not move. It gave an error stating that both pedals were pressed and that motor power was reduced. I pressed the brake pedal again and it was much heavier than usual. Tried switching it into drive and back into reverse and got the same error.

I reset by holding both steering wheel controls and once it reset I was able to reverse, but the power braking assist reduced error popped up and the brake pedal was very heavy and, when pressed hard, would vibrate like when ABS is on in other cars and hardly slow the car even though I was going <5 mph.

Spoke with Tesla roadside assistance and they said they could tow the car to the service center, but I would need to be there and I didn't have time to wait as I had to get to work shortly. They said to call when I could be with the car so I parked up and took alternative transportation to work.

I've read some other threads that mentioned the issue would sometimes clear up after a restart or with a firmware update. I'll check on it tonight and tomorrow morning, if it's still a problem I'll call roadside and I figure have it towed to a service center.


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check the health of your 12V battery. lots of issues can occur with a failing 12V battery. i know your car is new but doesn't mean the battery may have a failure. lots of discussion on this on this forum. id invest in a small battery monitor gadget like this :

Low cost way to monitor your 12V Battery

Thanks for the suggestion. The fault seems to have cleared today and the car is working as normal.