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Problem with changing lane while auto steering

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we are unable to change lane when the auto-steering is on.
The software is updated and we have a full autopilot option. I tried many times, but never succeed.
Does anyone have an idea what should be the reason?
Here is the video of an attempt:
A couple of updates before v10 in my car the lane to the left of the car sometimes disappears even if there really is a lane there. When that happens autopilot will not allow an automatic move into that lane.

It works fine when the car detects a lane.

Next time you try it, first check the display to see if the car is detecting the lane you are trying to move into.
Explain the “full autopilot” option you think you have. What year is your car, when did you buy it, and what did you pay for the “autopilot” option?
The car is 2019, paid $6000 for "full self-driving capability" option.
The warning is tire pressure, it was 2.7 instead of 2.8 because of cold air. I don't think it might be the reason
If they don’t have Auto Lane change, AP will disable when the blinker is activated. That doesn’t look like what is happening.

That’s not how it works, at least not on Model 3. If you have autosteer but not auto lane change, putting on the blinker does not turn of autosteer, but it does make the resistance to manually turning the wheel much lighter. Turning the wheel, of course, does disable autosteer.