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Problems going from FSD/EAP to AP

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I purchased the FSD package on my M3, but we have a M3 for work that I'll drive to a client site once a month or so. I know a few times I've instinctively expected it to slow down etc coming up to a red light/stop sign on AP etc.

I know there are quite a few of you on here that own multiple models and some have FSD, and some don't. I'm curious if anyone has ever accidently run a stop sign or anything like that?
....anyone has ever accidently run a stop sign or anything like that?

Life is not perfect so we need to adjust to a change in circumstances on short notice.

I usually expect regen and I was startled when the car had no regen when it's full or cold but I quickly adapted.

In the old days, Tesla would let me drive a Tesla loaner while mine in service. I turned on what I thought was Autopilot and expected it to react to the car in front but oh no! It didn't. I didn't look closely that it was just a dumb cruise with no Autopilot at all! So I had to quickly adapt to it.
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Good observation. Your specific situation doesn't apply to me personally (I don't generally drive on surface streets with AP enabled), but when I've driven my wife's car on the highway, I have to seriously think for several moments whether her car's cruise control is "smart" or not and will slow down for the car ahead of me. I even have to consciously remember that after engaging cruise control I still have to steer the car myself!