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Random Roadster Sightings

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Elon spotted commuting in CA. Odd that P1 still has dealer plates. Also, it looks like the CHMSL isn't working. Though I suppose it's possible the brakes aren't actually on and the taillights are just lit from the headlights being on.

Flickr Photo Download: DSC_0921

Flickr Photo Download: DSC_0923
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Based on its proximity to San Carlos, I am assuming this is a VP, or even EP? Do we know if this is a production unit?

Additionally: were I to guess what would cause a Tesla to stall, I would assume something involving the firmware (over just running out of juice or something). Any other ideas?
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I should mention that the spirit of this thread is Roadsters out in the wild. So a car parked at a Tesla store or at the factory, or on display at an auto show, doesn't really count. Also the preference is for pictures not found elsewhere on this site.
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