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Reckless driver in white van drove into construction cones and damaged my car. Need help finding the company the car belongs to

Can some help me identify the company the car belongs to that damaged my Model Y. I am unable to determine the license plate. But want to track down the company that owns it.

This happened in San Diego on I-5 Northbound, near Solana beach exit 39.

Want to see if anyone can help with the Number plate identification or the company logo that the car belongs to.


Incident Videos:

It could have been used in the past as a commercial passenger van. They usually have those numbers on there to register as a commercial vehicle. I could see where someone that bought it used didn't bother to remove those numbers.
Does any one know if it is possible to request camera footage from traffic signals ? And I read somewhere that it is possible to get footage from other Tesla drivers around the incident. like crowd sourcing, but couldn't find the link now. I think there were 4 more teslas around me at that time in different lane.
Were you on AP? I can say when I see a car in front of me doing something really stupid like running off the road, I slow down immediately. But AP would have sped up in that case since there was now more distance to the next car in front of you when he veered off the road.
Like I and others said earlier in this thread, I think trying to identify the van is a dead end at this point.
I’m actually on a road trip right now, driving back from FL to NY and there was a pickup truck somewhere in NC that was loaded with heavy flattened cardboard boxes. He didn’t secure it properly and the winds made several big pieces fly off and hit a bunch of cars causing them to swerve. I’m pretty sure it damaged a few of them. I’m glad I missed the big piece by a few feet.
Some people are just careless and don’t understand safety at all. It’s unfortunate for those of us that get involved, but that’s what insurance is for. Glad no one was hurt.