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  1. V

    Hit & Run - Please help me to identify license plate from TeslaCam footage

    On Dec 5th Tuesday evening, I parked my car Tesla Model X red color inside Doral legacy park (Doral/Miami) field side parking lot opposite to tennis court no 3. Around 7.32 PM someone with white Ford pickup truck F350 has intentionally hit my car in the rear and left the scene. I have logged a...
  2. Z

    Got hit right after parking

    Hi I got hit right after I parked the car on the side of the road and a car backed up and hit the rear end of my car. Is there a way yo pull up that video? I pulled the drive out already and checked the recent and it doesn't show anything... any help would be amazing. Thank you!
  3. P

    Missing Sentry Footage?

    I’m fairly new to Tesla, I’ve only had my M3P for around 2 months now. Recently I had something stolen near my car while parked. Thankfully when reviewing my clips I was able to scroll through the past hour and find the little red dot that tells me exactly when sentry started recording. Now when...
  4. rb98

    Vendor Perception - The best way to view your TeslaCam events (Android, iOS, iPadOS, macOS!)

    I bought my Tesla (Model Y Long Range) in September last year - it’s a great car, the autopilot has been amazing on the long drives, and the power of the car is just insane! One thing not so insane though, is the in-car dashcam viewer. After an incident at the start of the year on the way back...
  5. Spinball

    1 month of ownership of my first Tesla and I have these questions

    Love my MS 75D. I have four questions. Before I tweet @elonmusk, maybe you can help. Why are there gaps in all TeslaCam recordings? They miss important evidence. My first dashcam, an £80 Mobius, manages to record continuously. Buffer and extend the recordings if it's an issue with USB write...
  6. srs5694

    Tesla trashed my music partition

    I've owned a Model 3 since March of 2019, and have used a partitioned USB SSD as a dashcam and music storage device since then. I originally set it up as two FAT partitions, and this worked fine for years. Recently, I've noticed that the TeslaCam logo has been showing a red "X" from time to...
  7. S

    tesla_dashcam_manager: teslausb + tesla_dashcam (+ pigallery2)

    Hi! I created a little python script + docker images to automate some of the TeslaUsb + tesla_dashcam processing using a Raspberry Pi. Basically, it * Listens to dashcam clips uploaded by teslausb... * Passes these to tesla_dashcam for processing... * Move the output to a finished-clips...
  8. D

    Reckless driver in white van drove into construction cones and damaged my car. Need help finding the company the car belongs to

    Can some help me identify the company the car belongs to that damaged my Model Y. I am unable to determine the license plate. But want to track down the company that owns it. This happened in San Diego on I-5 Northbound, near Solana beach exit 39. Want to see if anyone can help with the...
  9. MichaelP90DL

    Security Video Sign

    I know not all eight cameras operate for security purposes when parked, but the bad guys probably don't. Anyhow, I just ordered this 7x10-inch plastic sign from SmartSign.com, total about $18 including shipping. When I'm parked overnight at some hotel, I'll put it under the windshield. An...
  10. Petrolpants

    Model Y Teslacam and Sentry Mode Videos

    I thought we could have a thread to share Model Y Teslacam and Sentry Mode Videos, as we have in the Model 3 section. First out, Woman knifes a brand new Model Y What have you seen? Video, or it didnt happen
  11. 6t8stang

    Tesla Roadie 128GB

    Original Tesla Roadie with 128GB Sandisk memory card. Bought from another member here a few months ago - works great. Software is up to date and memory has been cleared. $90 shipped to Continental US.
  12. mkl223

    Issues with TeslaCam

    I have been trying to get the TeslaCam setup in my new preowned model s with no luck. It is formatted as FAT32 and TeslaCam is the folder name. I plug it into one of the only two usb outlets I see in my car, however the Tesla cam icon does not show. Any other tips to try?
  13. R5 Red Five

    Teslacam - SSD Feature

    Hi All, New to the site, I have a M3P in red with white interior. First post so if this is already known...sorry!! I wanted to reduce the USB usage after buying a 500GB SSD drive, I did wonder if you could use the same drive for both? So using basic windows tools I partioned the drive to have...
  14. T

    Tesla Cam USB/SD Help

    I have a Model Y that I picked up in July and WOW do I love it! I have had a little bit of problem getting the SD Card sorted out. I purchased a 128GB SanDisk Extreme micro SDXC UHS-I Memory card on Amazon and formatted it to FAT using my macbook. It works when I plug it in with my USB-A...
  15. R

    TESLA saved my friends life.

    So I have owned my Model 3 LR RWD for just over a year. In December my friend was in the market for a car and I convinced him to get a Model 3 SR+. Last night a reckless driver lost control of his car and my two friends crashed into the reckless driver's car and the aftermath looks how bad it...
  16. Jimt29

    Using The Tesla Cam - Need Confirmation

    Using the Tesla Cam/TeslaCam has become my new vision quest. I can't seem to get a handle on how it is supposed to actually function. To that end I have made an appointment to go to the service center and either have the car fixed or have me fixed/schooled. I formatted a new USB drive to see if...
  17. T

    No Netflix after FSD upgrade - TeslaCam not working well

    Sorry if this is a duplicate entry of someone else, just wanted to compare notes with others. Had my December 2016 X 90D in for the FSD upgrade. Noticed a couple of things. 1. Bluetooth connectivity was non-existent and car would not see my phone, even after deleting it from memory. A...
  18. F

    Selling all my M3 accessories

    Hi everybody, Selling all the accessories I bought last year for my M3 that I recently had to get rid of :( Everything is Sep. 2019 or newer. Pickup in Boston strongly preferred, and I'd like to sell everything together (except the tires, I will sell the tires separately). Don't have photos of...
  19. M

    Rolling Coal Reporting?

    How do we send "Rolling Coal" incidents caught on the Tesla Cam to someone who cares, and can do something about it? I did not get smoked, but I did catch it repeatedly on my TeslaCam today. How do I download it and who can I send it to? MY2ski
  20. bons

    Cannot get Sentry Mode / Tesla Cam to record to SSD (June 2020 Update)

    Hi All, I cannot get my 2017 MS to recognize my SSD or thumb drive to record any videos on sentry mode. I can get it to recognize it to play music only (separate test to just see if the drives work). FAT 32 format, subfolder TeslaCam, no icon pops up, no folders created by Tesla. I also tried...
  21. I

    Caught some jerk running a red light

    Activated the TeslaCam feature recently and the next day was almost hit by some jerk running a red light. Caught him in the act, but the side camera did not have enough resolution to make out the license plate. Had this guy hit me, the video would have settled any issue of who was at fault...
  22. D

    Automatic TeslaCam And Sentry Mode Video Processing In Azure

    I'm running a solution with automatic TeslaCam and Sentry Mode video processing, using Azure services for storage and batch processing! It also leverages the TeslaUSB project and this tesla_dashcam script, both available GitHub. The best thing is, after the videos are processed I get a...
  23. K

    TeslaCam Viewer for iPhone / iPad

    Hello from Tokyo, I'm excited about the daily Tesla news of the world. I created a iOS app for viewing TeslaCam. For the time being is totally free. and, no ads, no tracking. so feel free to download and try, let me your feedback if you like. TeslaDeck
  24. K

    TeslaCam Ensures Justice After Accident + Validates Need for FSD

    While driving to work this morning, a van tried making a U-turn at the intersection behind me. Unfortunately, he didn't see the oncoming car! Fortunately no one was hurt, and I let the drivers know I probably had footage. As it turned out, the left cam was perfect to help the car driver...
  25. K

    Recovering unsaved video footage of accident

    I wanted to post this in the hopes it helps others that are frustrated with losing footage of an accident. Someone merged into my wife on the freeway and then claimed that my wife is the one that hit her (of course). Unfortunately, my wife didn't hit the cam icon to save the footage and when I...
  26. W

    View Sentry and Dashcam footage on your iPhone

    After getting a Model 3 about a month ago I decided to make an app so I could view my Sentry Incidents and TeslaCam footage on my phone. It uses iOS 13's support for reading USB drives. You can download it here: ‎Dash View for Tesla Cars. You can just plug in your drive, and then view your...
  27. GrumpyManUK

    Had a close call today! (Footage included)

    Foturnately, I managed to dodge this idiot performing a u-turn on a junction today! FYI, I was travelling below the national speed limit.
  28. T

    v10 TeslaCam- supposed to overwrite, do I even need > 16GB USB now?

    I got the v10 SW update on my LR3D on 10/2/19. I've been plagued with USB for TeslaCam issues since about August. I bought the Samsung BAR 128GB in June and partitioned/formatted it to work with TeslaCam, but after 3 months it gave the Write Speed Too Slow warning and won't work now for...
  29. K

    MASTER THREAD: USB drives that work with Sentry and TeslaCam

    A few days ago this message showed up: “Dashcam: USB drive is too slow to save-please use a drive with higher write speed” Then I tried to format the usb stick but it still didn’t work. The worked flawlessly for months until now. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  30. S

    v10 TeslaCam rear camera added

    Received my 2019.32.11 update last night on my Model 3. Took the car this morning and pulled my card reader and microSD card after driving to see what the recorded rear camera view was like. I thought I had heard the rear camera was not the same quality as the other cameras around the perimeter...
  31. B

    Flash drive question for TeslaCam

    Hi there! Question for the community: does anyone know of a 2TB flash drive that exists that will work for TeslaCam? I have a Model 3 and have been using a 2TB external hard drive up until recently, which was working fine up until 2-3 weeks ago when I suddenly received a compatibility error...
  32. A

    Color correction from Model 3 TeslaCam videos

    The TeslaCam (dashcam/sentrycam) functionality is valuable, but the resulting videos have horrible and un-lifelike color. I know the primary purpose of the cameras is for the machine to see, not for us, but still, I want the best color possible when sharing videos. Has anyone had any particular...
  33. R

    Only three cameras in TeslaCam? Where are the other cams?

    Is there a way to get the other ones to record too? (missing are the pillar cams & the rear one) Thanks!
  34. A

    Tesla Cam Video Quality

    Hi all. A lot of the time the video on TeslaCam for my Model 3 when it is dark comes out very grainy with vertical lines. Is this normal??? Examples: I am on 2019.24.4. Should I take the vehicle to the SC to have the cameras looked at or is this normal for dark areas? Thanks for...
  35. M

    Dashcam Icon Missing

    Since updating to 2019.20.4.2 my dashcam icon is missing. Century mode is working just fin . Even prepped a news USB but still is not appearing. Any ideas?
  36. V

    My TeslaCam video in Electrek article

    I've posted this video of a collision that caught on my Model 3's TeslaCam was featured in Electrek.co 's post. Here's the article: Tesla's millions of cameras are capturing some crazy things - videos - Electrek
  37. A

    DashCam / USB Drive Issue

    I formatted a 4 GB USB Drive, created TeslaCam Directory and inserted USB Drive into front USB port. Icon with Red Dot appears and seems to work fine; however, after about two hours Icon shows up with X. Car was in garage for these two hours. USB full. Not sure if the size of the USB Drive...
  38. rharrack


    welp... I got into a fender bender... which was not my fault and was hit in the rear passenger corner... the driver of the other car speed off.... I did have a witness and saw the whole accident unfold and got the license plate of the other drivers rear plates. However I was going through my...
  39. S

    Free app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on your Android device

    Hey, first post here! Just wanted to let everybody know that I made a free Android app for viewing TeslaCam and Sentry videos on Android devices. This requires an OTG adapter to plug your USB stick into your phone. Once you have one, just plug it in, run this app, find your TeslaCam folder...
  40. woodisgood

    Possible bug? Clarification on Sentry & DashCam saved files - 2019.12.1.2

    It's my understanding that TeslaCam files are saved only when you tap the button on-screen, saving the last 10 minutes of video to the SavedClips directory. It's also my understanding that Sentry Mode files are saved to the same directory whenever the system is triggered. As of 12.1.2, I'm...
  41. GolanB

    TeslaCam catches teens throwing eggs at cars

    Just got copies of these two videos on a local Tesla WhatsApp group. It shows three teens throwing eggs at on-coming traffic here in NYC. The driver circled a second time to get a closer video capture. When he slowed down, they asked him if it was a Tesla, and asked that he roll down his...
  42. V

    Teslacam does not turn off when parking overnight?

    Hey so while using teslacam, and parking my car in my garage overnight it does not seem to turn off? I now have to manually hold the cam button till the red light disappears every time while parking at home. Anyone else run into this issue? Otherwise the Teslacam records all night it seems...
  43. V

    Teslacam Right-repeater cam not recording and is extra pixelated -sentry mode

    Hi, Just started using sentry mode, and am finding while parked/sentry mode enabled the right repeater cam does not always record(0 bites on flash). When it does it usually has green on the bottom half or is very pixelated. Does anyone else run into that issue and able to fix it? When...
  44. Smoofv

    Teslacam Sentry Mode Issues

    Hi all, I have a 32 GB Corsair flash drive formatted FAT 32 that has been plugged into my car for months. The red light is always appears on the camera icon when I'm driving. Today, my Sentry Mode went full alarm. I got to the car very fast and noticed no damage, and suspect it was some very...
  45. mrfra62

    Kwaliteit TeslaCam

    Sinds enige tijd neemt de TeslaCam niet alleen frontcam op maar ook via de camera's onder de repeaters. En sinds de laatste update is sentry mode ook mogelijk. Deze vraag betreft de kwaliteit van de beelden van de TeslaCam. Tijdens rijden : Opnames van de frontcam tijdens rijden zijn goed. Maar...
  46. jat255

    TeslaCam saves the day at a red light camera

    Got dinged by one of MD's many wonderful red light cameras last night, at which point I was already well into the intersection. Thanks Elon for the always-on dashcam! I look forward to sharing the video with them when they get around to sending my $75 ticket in the mail.
  47. srs5694

    TeslaCam & WiFi problems

    I've just today taken delivery of a new Model 3 LR. I can't drive it yet, because of the way Tesla handles deliveries in Rhode Island, where there is as yet no Tesla store (I've got to wait to receive paperwork from Tesla, after which I can go to the DMV to get plates). Anyhow, I've been...
  48. RoderikS

    Model S USB\TeslaCam\... working fine

    Omdat ik nieuw ben op het forum, en pas sinds Zatedag mijn Model S heb dacht ik, kom laat ik eens iets delen... :-) wat een AUTO! Jullie snappen vast wel dat ik direct aan de slag ben gegaan met alle mogelijkheden, en surpice surprice, ik heb gratis AP gekregen van Tesla (4% auto - 12-2018) En...
  49. Dre78

    TeslaCam Instructions and Observations

    On version: 2018.50.5 Start TeslaCam Application Inserting a memory stick starts TeslaCam application to record video. TeslaCam is a separate application from EAP (and likely the black box recordings). I know this because EAP remains active when the screen reboots, but TeslaCam is not active...
  50. D

    My TeslaCam keeps failing.

    I purchased a SanDisk 32GB USB 2.0 stick for $9.00 from Amazon. Come to think of it, maybe that's my problem! Anyhow, I formatted it using FAT32 and put the TeslaCam folder at root. No other files. I can maybe go 2 days before it fails. It will work for the length of my drive but then...