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San Francisco-Bay Area Tesla Meet Up in San Francisco

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Hey Guys,

Anyone in San Francisco or the Bay Area interested for a meet next Saturday 2/24 in San Francisco (weather permitting). Starting at 11am and ending around 2:30pm-3pm. Meet at Lake Merced for a meet and greet, then drive through the beach on HWY 1, to Cliff House, then to Half Moon Bay for lunch and then over the 92 Hwy to San Mateo you guys can hit up the superchargers there (2 locations for superchargers in San Mateo) then we go home.

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See my map of our route below. That square is Lake Merced, we meet in the big parking lot there, cruise up to Cliff House, take some pictures, drive back on Hwy 1 on the coast towards Pacifica/Half Moon Bay, then lunch there. There's decent Japanese restaurant there, among other places (we can decide beforehand) Then drive on Hwy 92 towards San Mateo. Should be done around 2:30pm..maybe 3pm.

Hoping the weather will be nice and sunny. Looking forward to meeting other Tesla owners to share information, ideas, community, advice, etc etc. There's still not too many Teslas yet on the road but definitely growing daily so it would be good to create a community of local owners in the San Francisco area. This would be our first San Francisco Tesla Club meet. I'm hoping we could do more in the future. As you can see there is a shortage of Superchargers in and around San Francisco proper.

Open to any suggestions, let me know your thoughts.

Hey @mainecoon Thanks for organizing this event! Count me in. We will be there. I met @tontod today at Harris Ranch and he is interested. We had a great meet-up at Kettleman City. That sparked a lot of interest in owners to have more of these events where we can meet an talk about Teslas. So on a good track here.
I hope more NorCal owners pick up on this and join in.
Hey thanks everyone. @tontod, @Blu Zap, @FlatSix911 we should get a count by Thursday to confirm everyone for this Saturday. Hopefully over time we will get more participants.
I see a lot of Tesla's on the road these days. I counted 17 on my drive over to the Tesla Factory in Fremont this morning..so hopefully more people see this.

On another note, that Tesla Factory is booming. They have about 5,000 people working there. Just wow.
Saw a bunch of new Model 3's outside.


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@mainecoon do you have an address or location we can drop into our nav to find the meet up place at Lake Merced? i.e. "Lake Merced parking lot, San Francisco, Ca."? Thx

Yes, @Blu Zap and everyone else..it's right here:

North Parking Lot of Lake Merced

It's called North Parking Lot of Lake Merced..and it's right off Sunset blvd. If you're coming from Marin it's an easy find. Just drive across the bridge, get on 19th Avenue (101 south), make a right turn on Lincoln Avenue (right after Golden Gate Park), then make a left turn into Sunset Blvd, head straight for about 3 miles.
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Hi guys @Blu Zap, @tontod, just checking to see if you guys were still on for tomorrow. From what I gather there is only 2 or 3 people at most who are thus far interested and maybe just 1 confirmed other than myself. I propose that we postpone this event until we get at least 10 people. Will it make sense for only a few to meet up?

Let me know by tonight guys. Thank you.
Is it possible to join without a car? Does anyone has a spare seat? Would be specially interested in a spare seat in a model 3, but any other spare seat would be ok.

Model X Owner and Model 3 reservation holder from Switzerland, who is spending a couple weeks in the US, at the moment in the "Bay area"
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