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SAS Question

Hi everyone,

The air suspension on my Range Rover lowers the car when you exit. When you start driving again, it raises the car back up to normal height. They call it “comfort mode.”

Is this how Tesla’s SAS works? I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos on height, raising and lowering based on where you are (GPS), but nothing on it lowering or raising itself when you arrive at a destination.

How does SAS wok on a RR?
On the RR, it's just an engine start/stop change. Access height to lower car when you stop the engine, after you get in and start your engine, the air suspension rises. Very simple. Problem with RR suspension is that I can't keep it on low, once it hits a certain speed, it will move back to normal.

The Tesla SAS has the reverse effect, it does not do auto-lowering when you get home or open door (I bet they can do this with a software update). However, if you leave it on low, it will stay on low. It can even use the 'low' setting as default.

I think the Tesla SAS is smarter than the JLR one. JLR has off-roading in mind as they they tend to keep it on normal ride height when you're driving. Everything goes back to normal with when you reach speed threshold.

Thanks @ithinkmac! I just realized I asked the wrong question. I meant to say how does SAS work on a Tesla? -- But you answered it anyway. Appreciate the reply!

The Tesla can auto RAISE the suspension by set location such as for a car wash or a steep driveway, but it only auto lowers for exceeding a configurable speed. The car wash I frequent, the car automatically raises the suspension to high, and auto fold in the mirrors.
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