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Seven production cars that are faster than the new P90D/L

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After seeing many different published lists and discussions of cars faster than the Tesla I decided to review the data to see why the lists varied so much. As far as I can tell there are only seven current “production cars” that are faster than the new P90D/L – definition of production below. These are ranked by 0-60 times and price included. Note that the list below includes the Bugatti Veyron which was a production car but is no longer being manufactured. There are bunch of special case cars that are faster but they don’t meet the “production” requirements below. Prices are generally from Car and Driver and based on typical price with the high performance options.

Missing any? Any corrections?

A couple of notes:

  • On performance and price… Only the Nissan is competitive wrt to price. The 911 and Huracan come in at a non-trivial price premium for ~10% faster 0-60 times and both are impressive from performance, price, and daily driver perspective. The majority are $1m+. The 918 performance is pretty amazing and interesting to note that it is partially electric. The P1 and Aventador have a tough time from performance/$ perspective although they both look very cool.
  • On usability… obviously none of these are close to the Tesla in terms of ability to take passengers, most have essentially no trunk space, all of them are quite loud at normal driving speeds, and none offer anything like autopilot.

Production eligibility is defined as (starting from Wikipedia):

  • constructed principally for retail sale to consumers, for their personal use, and to transport people on public roads (no commercial or industrial vehicles are eligible)
  • had 2 or more instances made by the original vehicle manufacturer, and offered for commercial sale to the public in new condition (cars modified by professional tuners or individuals are not eligible)
  • street-legal in their intended markets, and capable of passing any official tests or inspections required to be granted this status
  • seats at least two people and has a climate control system (heat and A/C)
Here is the complete list of fastest production cars by acceleration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fastest_production_cars_by_acceleration

Tesla times.JPG
With the L upgrade, I'm not so certain that the GTR is a slam dunk at being faster in the 1/4 mile.

There is a guy in town with one who never can break 11 in the quarter.

Here is the complete list of fastest production cars by acceleration https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fastest_production_cars_by_acceleration

The 2.2 seconds listed for the GT-R is not accurate, so I'm skeptical about the whole list. I'm betting they are using the rumored numbers for the next gen GT-R

I was thrown for some time by the fact they listed Tesla model X too.

But aren't these cars also great road course cars? Any common lap times available to compare to? 1320 feet is impressive but corners are fun too?

Sure. Many cars that are much slower than the P90DL would whip it on a road course. It is still a nearly 5,000lb four door, after all. The most usual standard used is the lap time for Nurburgring. Alas, AFAIK no Tesla has ever put in a lap at speed, due to overheating issues.
How about a competition to see which car is the quickest to get 7 passengers 60? Ok, not fair. How about 5 adults to 60? Well that still eliminates all the the cars on those lists, however we could go with 4 adults and still keep the 911 Turbo S and Nissan GT-R Nismo in the running. I think the P90D/L will do nicely. Maybe for fun we can give all the passengers a super-sized slurpee and film it in slow motion.
I was thrown for some time by the fact they listed Tesla model X too.
Me too as they were showing the Model X as "free". I think they are throwing in ludicrous mode as a free option to Model X Sig holders (OK, wishful and self serving thinking :} ) Model S is obviously in bold and no doubt they took Elon's quick comments about 3.3 for the Model X as gospel even tho it hasn't been tested per those same comment as I recall.

After driving both, there is no chance an LP610 will beat an LP700 in the 60. Around the track, yes, but now there is the 700-4 SV. I ended up buying a LP700-4 after driving both of them.Also the 991 Turbo S does not do a 2.5. I got it to 2.6, once. Usually 2.7-2.9. Also, my P85D would be neck and neck with the Aventador to 60. Before Ludicrous mode,I probably won't be updating :(. The list above seems to be from different sources with different testing criteria.

Not sure about any of the other cars on the list. But its a great list of amazing cars!