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Showroom vs New Inventory

If you were to save $8,000, which would you choose?

  • Car with 5,000 miles

    Votes: 9 39.1%
  • Car with 50 miles

    Votes: 14 60.9%

  • Total voters
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5000 miles is not a showroom car, probably a test drive car? We bought a showroom car with only 30 miles. We love ours as it is showroom perfect! :p We didn't get a discount though :( Actually I didn't even find out it was a showroom car until we had to sign the paper saying that it was a showroom car.
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When it comes to the X I would always go for the latest VIN because of the many build issues. And I’m not talking about early VINs here, I would even prefer a Jan 18 build over a November 17.
While they might have fixed some defects from earlier builds, they continue to introduce new parts and new issues as far as I know. Regardless it’s still better to have newer builds.
I think we need more information. In general, that seems like a lot of miles for not that much off.

If we're looking at a P100D, then I'd take the one with 50 miles. There's been P100D showrooms with over $20,000 off. If it were a base MX75D, then that changes the equation a bit as it's about 10% off.
my car was a demo/showroom car and it had 1178 miles on it.

be prepared for worn seats in the interior especially the drivers seat (they had to replace mine before i took delivery as well as the seat behind the drivers chair.) just imagine 100 people sitting on the seats per day (not an exaggeration, conservative if anything)

my car was also reduced $27k...so you win some lose some. lol
Hi I got a showroom/demo car with 1100 miles it with a really sizable discount and it depends on the detailer they use. Mine was perfect and seats where in great shape (looked like new and now no issues still at 7000 miles ) , one of the last of the 90Ds but I can imagine it sitting in the show room with finger prints all over it . Mine was from Baltimore and detailed by the Virginia store
Make sure the showroom adjustment really is lower than a car you would configure. When I bought my inventory car, I noticed a lot of the adjustments were because of features that became standard (like air suspension) and if you really wanted those features, the adjustment really wasn't much at all. Certainly not always the case, but something to watch for.
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We bought our March 2015 built "inventory" 2015 P85D with 2,905 miles off the showroom floor of a Tesla store in July 2015. Found a few cosmetic scratches which their detailer fixed and took deliver ~ 10 days later. Absolutely love our car since it came with the sportier Plus Suspension. No significant issues in the 35,000 additional miles we've added. Most reliable best car we've ever owned.