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Solution for making Homelink work with condos, apartments, gates, etc

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Hi all,
My condo highrise has a gate that doesn't work with Homelink. I have a prototype solution that works for me and I'd like to make it available to other people. The thing is that it actually requires your existing remote to work. It essentially pushes the button on your original remote for you.
There are two ways that can work:
1) You mount your original remote into my box and a small lever physically pushes the button.
2) You take your original remote apart and mount the circuit board into my box and I can "electronically" push the button.

#1 is nice because you don't have to take anything apart. It also isn't quite as reliable.
#2 is nice because it's super reliable. It does require taking apart your original remote, which not everyone will be comfortable with.

Would love your thoughts on:
- Is this something you would be interested in.
- What price point would make sense for you? (I want to see if the price people would pay aligns with what it takes to build them)
- If I sold both versions 1 & 2, which version would you be more interested in, assuming identical price, etc.