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Sound deadening to quiet road noise. Any experience?


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Aug 21, 2023
Hey everyone. I am somewhat new to owning a Tesla Model Y, but so far I am mostly loving it. My one gripe is how loud it is on certain roads. I have started to do extensive research (I'm probably going overboard, but its just how I am) and came across a brand called ResoNix. They don't seem to be very well known, but they are talked about highly in some circles, and seem to be the only company who is actually providing real data on their products (and even data on other products). My question is, has anyone used this product or done any sort of sound proofing to their Model Y? I see their Fiber Mat 25 is on sale right now, and this is a product I was interested in so I might pull the trigger. I am probably going to start with the wheel liners like they show in the link below, and from there do the doors. If needed, I will continue with the trunk/hatch and quarter panel area. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!

xcav8r: Welcome to the forum.

It's faster if you do a search (advanced), where you'll see a few dozen threads about sound deadening. It's MUCH faster than waiting for responses, and creating another thread.
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Carwow just did some testing on the reduction of noise in the updated model 3, and it comes out to be about 3 dB.
That just shows how difficult it is to reduce the noise. Factory installed noise reduction and better aerodynamic improvements only get a small reduction. Sigh!