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Spotify Playlists - Force refresh? Or what?

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2020 Model X, latest s/w (as far as I know I am on early access) 2023.44.30.8. I don't know what an MCU is but I haven't done any mods to this car. I have Daily Mixes and Podcasts. No matter what, when I start up the lists are stale. I compare the Daily Mix with my phone, and the list in the MX is stale. I get yesterday's podcast and it
s the first in the list. However when I select the first song in the Daily Mix on the X, the song that plays is the actual first song from the fresh list showing in my phone, Not the one showing in the X display! The music plays fine, I know I'm connected to my account because my favorites and lists are the same. I have tried switching between podcasts/lists and if I do it "enough" then the at some point I will get the current list of episodes or mix songs. It's as the list itself is stale, but positionally it will play the current list Spotify has for me.

Is there some way like "pull down refresh" or ??? that I can force the Tesla Spotify app to get the fresh lists?