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Supercharger - Kansas City, MO

Quoting from Bethany, MO thread:

Maybe "just" urban, but it's otherwise a great splitter for I-29 travel. The current Independence, MO Superchargers is a large diversion for N-S travelers.

When I read this, I was thinking it was along I-35, not I-29. Both this and the existing Independence site aren’t really convenient for people traveling N/S along I-35 and “just passing through town”. I frequently am driving through KC on a Sunday morning or evening and never seem to hit too bad of traffic, so almost always take I-35 straight brought downtown. Diverting to this or the Independence site would add a fair amount of time. Now if it was on a weekday or possibly Saturday, downtown traffic could be a bear and make the 435 bypass worth it.

No worries, just lamenting that the site locations aren’t exactly where *I* would like them to be. Why didn’t Tesla consult with me?!? ;) Maybe the locals can correct me and my perception of traffic in KC. It’s difficult to know for sure when you only drive through once a year.
I live in kansas city, and out north, it's a good location going n or s on I-29, nice place for a supercharger, nice restaurants all around and shopping, swelter, is right I-35 would be good site also, maybe in time we will get both, and with the Independence site Kansas City will be covered.
A location close to the airport and I -29 is a welcome addition. I would have preferred locating it in a parking lot near Barry Road and Zona Rosa, but no one asked me. The only shopping I know of within walking distance of this location is a Hy-Vee.
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A photo does say a million words, thought I’d just move this photo into the right thread
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An urban supercharger is something I would actually use. The ChargePoint level 2 chargers are not even worth the time to plug in unless you are going to be parked for more than an hour or two. But 72KW would be worth the effort and quite useful to those who don’t have access to home or work charging. I hope Hyvee is looking at partnering for addditonal installations in the area.
I don't want to derail the thread, but since we're talking about KC SC's...Is there really no supercharger at the Plaza retail location or the service center on Manchester Trafficway? The Plaza one I can kind of understand, but the service center?
As an owner, I believe you can Level 2 charge at the Plaza, downstairs somewhere. I use the CHAdeMO close by in a parking garage. And there is not a supercharger near the service center, last I was there, but you can get a bit of Level 2 if you ask (that could have changed).
IMHO, superchargers are near spots where travelers need them more than near service centers or stores. My 2 cents.
I believe the KC service center has a local supercharger because my car showed it was "supercharging" on the app when it was there a couple weeks ago for service. It's probably something they keep around back to top of customer and loaner cars.
I'll be coming through for my first time on Sunday or Monday. Hoping these will be completed just to use my first Urban Supercharger. I've read a lot of threads and I'm curious if due to a continuous but lower power output if this does a 20%-100% charge at the same rate as a normal SC. Just from what I've seen, there is less heat which might equal longer time frames of a continuous charge at 72 kW. Any thoughts or knowledge on this?