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Supercharger - Liberty Lake, WA (LIVE Mar 2022, 12 V3 stalls)

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There is no supercharger being built in downtown Spokane. Next time, please search for existing threads on Spokane superchargers and inquire there before starting a new thread.
I took that screenshot from the Tesla Find Us website. I see it is not on there this morning, so I was merely asking if anyone had info on it. My intent wasn't to start a new thread incorrectly or mess anything up, it was simply an inquiry.
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Few quick notes I learned about this charger when picking up my Model Y at the store yesterday...

1. The public superchargers are 24-hour access - the gate they put up will always be open. Just the other gate that will get closed.

2. There's a waiting room during business hours so you can sit inside & use the bathroom while charging.
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Liberty Lake SC is completely off line this afternoon 6/16. The level 2s on the East wall are working. There is only one more slot available. I’m trying to report the outage to an old supercharger service number. It seems to be an active number with service choices but I’ve been on music hold for 15 minutes so far.
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