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Supercharger - Ripley, WV

Spotted at the Sheetz off the Ripley exit of I-77. The manager in the Sheetz store said she expected the Superchargers to be activated in about 8 weeks.


Ripley SC photo 1.jpg
Ripley SC photo 2.jpg
Ripley SC photo 3A cropped.jpg


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This is a good one.

It's in a 76.4 mile gap, so helpful for that reason, but it's also a good V3 on I-77 as it's in the middle of 4 V2. V3 Princeton, WV is 129.6 miles, and V3 New Philadelphia, OH is 131.1 miles.

And it's on US-33 and would help anyone who wants a more leisurely US-35/WV-2/US-33 Chillicothe, OH to Weston, WV over Interstates.
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Ripley, WV

Host Type: Gas Station
Host: Sheetz
Along Primary Interstates: I-77
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-33
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None


From: Charleston, WV (v2) - 38.2 miles
To: Parkersburg, WV (v2) - 38.8 miles
Diversion: 0.6 miles
From: Mt. Hope, WV (v2) - 92.4 miles
To: Cambridge, OH (v2) - 95.4 miles


From: Columbus - W 3rd Ave, OH - 129.2 miles (Permit)
To: Weston, WV (v2) - 96 miles
Diversion: 0.3 miles
From: Columbus - Hilliard Rome Rd, OH - 135.6 miles
To: Harrisonburg, VA - 235.6 miles

V3-Splitter on I-77 in the middle of a run of 4 V2.

Also a splitter on US-33.
This spot is great placement on the interstate, although the Sheetz has a bit of an odd traffic pattern to get to, and from memory the lot is pretty crowded already. I pass through and would probably take advantage monthly.
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Here are a couple more photos from Ripley. I see some green transformer like boxes on ground mounts, and a 3 phase set of transformers on a pole in the background. Not quite sure what else needs to be done to complete this site, other than AEP and Tesla closeouts. Let's hope it comes on soon.

One disappoint is that I don't see pull through stalls for to help with towing or to help charging cars that don't comply with the Tesla charging socket locations.


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Any update on this site? I’m scheduled to drive through in 2 weeks and this would help.
All ready to go, not energized. Covers still on rectifiers. Back in August a manager at Sheetz told me "8 weeks" That was about 6 weeks ago. So I'd check back before your trip. If you get desperate for a charge, there are a couple of blink destination chargers about 100 yards away at about twice the cost of supercharging.


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