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Supercharger - Valdosta GA


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Apr 27, 2009
Atlanta, GA
Alright folks, got another site to start hunting for. I have reason to believe that a supercharging site is in the works for Valdosta GA at Exit 16, 16 miles north of the Florida border on I-75. This is the exit for West Hill Ave / US 221 / US Hwy 84 .

Valdosta has their permitting system online here (link at bottom of page): Permitting

I can't say if the site is inside the Valdosta city limits or not, but I don't think it matters because Lowndes County permits appears to go through that same online system.

In that online system, I searched every category that mentioned "electrical" (e.g. "LC - Electrical Commercial") and didn't find any recent permits. They may not have filed the permits yet. And there probably isn't any actually construction yet, but within a month I expect both of those facts to change :)

So, keep an eye on that permitting system, looking for permits issued to addresses with West Hill Ave / US 221 / US Hwy 84 as the street and Valdosta as the city. In another month maybe start prowling around parking lots at that exit.

(Don't bother tagging one of the supercharge.info guys, as they won't list until we have a confirmed address, either via permit or construction sighting.)
That’s exactly the half way point between my parents house south of Daytona beach and my house south of Atlanta.

My AWD3 said I could make it to Tifton from south of Daytona 260 miles, arriving w 5% if I stayed below 70. I got impatient, drove faster and stopped at Live Oak for 10 mins and then Tifton. I think still difficult to make the 224 miles from Valdosta to my house unless I leave with 95% and don’t drive 89.

The uphill climb from Macon to south of Atlanta and higher speeds burns up the range.

This will definitely be our new stop going south. 224 miles from my house and a nice downhill grade. Then V3 charging speeds.

I’ve made the 264 miles from my house to Live Oak before. 4 people and packed w luggage for a week long cruise. I drafted a big rig for 90 of those miles, pulled into LO w 3% left.
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I keep checking the Valdosta permitting system, nothing yet. I've since figured out that the CV/HH/LC codes in that system refer to geographic areas:
CV = City of Valdosta
HH = Hahira (a nearby town)
LC = Lowndes County

Since we don't know if this will be within the city limits or not (W Hill Ave crosses out of Valdosta proper just west of the highway) we'd have to check both CV and LC.

I've heard construction will be starting soon, so either something's gotta show up in the permitting system, or it's somehow not going to show up in there at all.
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Ladeeeez and gennemen, we have permits and an address! @Chuq


There's a back parking lot, so when stopping by to hunt down the construction, please check back there too. If taking pictures, please maintain a respectful distance from all workers and keep their faces out of your pictures.

Valdosta permit 2020-00005790
Valdosta permit 2020-00005791
Paid On: 08/28/2020
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The permitting system now shows that the "electrical slab" was completed and passed inspection on 04-Sep, and the "building slab" was completed and inspected on 08-Sep. I interpret that as conduit and concrete, respectively.

This means that, if you visit, you will now be able to see conduit poking out of the ground and thus A) get a count of pedestals and B) determine whether it is V2 (2 pedestals per cabinet) or V3 (4 pedestals per cabinet).
Definitely under construction! Cabinets are in place and stations look like they are just about ready to be installed.


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Valdosta, GA

Along Primary Interstates: I-75
Along US Numbered Highways (<=5mi): US-41*, US-84, US-221
Along Auxiliary Interstates: None


From: Lake City, FL - 60.6 miles
To: Tifton, GA - 46.9 miles
Diversion: 1 miles
From: Gainesville, FL - 104.6 miles
To: Macon - Tom Hill Sr Rd, GA - 154.8 miles

A splitter on I-75 that breaks up one of 2 consecutive gaps that were more than 100 miles.

Also, it will be the first Supercharger on US-211.

* A significant diversion from US-41 itself, but only a bit under 2 miles if I-75 is then taken North to the concurrency with US-41.
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These pics are as of 3:50pm

The workers were hard at work!


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