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Tesla Blacklist

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So I run a Turo business where I rent out Teslas. I buy many Teslas, and most of my renters end up buying my cars.

I got an email from Tesla today saying "Loss prevention team has informed me that we will have to black list you from further purchases. As it turns out, reselling vehicles is against the order agreement. Please note that this decision is final and we will be cancelling all pending orders."

Has anyone else ever experienced or heard of this?
You mean this text, in the MVPA that you agree to every time you buy a tesla?

Screen Shot 2021-12-01 at 9.30.38 AM.png

"I buy many teslas, and sell these teslas to other people "( regardless of the reason ) = reseller... At least to anyone who would look at it who is not involved in it. Whether its turo vehicles or whatever else, you are a reseller.


OP, if your business is actually a "Turo Business" and not a "Tesla Turo Business where I make money reselling teslas" then you shouldnt have much issue in simply substituting in another brand of vehicle and continuing on with your business.
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My thoughts....
What's your average buy/sell delta time and mileage? They are trying to avoid people becoming "like" dealers (scalpers if you will), flipping vehicles quickly after purchase...which I get but there should be some leeway for entrepreneurial people like yourself. Heck, there is some new precedent towards doing what you are doing.....look at the recent Hertz headlines. A few companies do something like this today, so it's not unheard of. Ferrari is famous for similar and Ford did it for the GT, though their rules were time-bound.
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I spoke to them and they wont give me a straight reason. They just said they "determined" I am a reseller and are banning me.

Im not really doing anything diff than Hertz. Its kinda ridiculous that they (my sales rep or the delivery center) never gave ma a warning. They just kept selling me cars; and knew exactly about the Turo thing.

I get it, I overlooked the T&C's and sure it says I cant resell my car, but its pretty loose on how its written. Based on that no one can really sell their car. I am buying those cars on my personal name paid off cash.

Tesla wont even comment on this or give me any further explanation.
Buy lightly used Teslas as the second owner from 3rd parties. Sounds to me like you’re clearly in the edge of being a dealer in Teslas eyes or something.
Yea that’s the thing. They banned me for life and are not letting me appeal the decision or gave me a warning or anything.

Furthermore the Tesla dealership and rep and his manager knew exactly about the Turo thing and encouraged me to buy more cars and kept selling them to me. No one told me this would happen. Yes it’s my fault I didn’t read the fine print. :/
Had you sold the older cars, it likely would not be a concern.

I still don’t think it’s fair.
I have! Usually I only keep the cars for a few months because they get damaged, smoked in, or a renter buys them. I get it and accecpt the resell thing and shouldn't have done it, but it was pure ignorance. What upsets me more is that the Sales Managers, Sales Center, and Sales rep knew exactly what I was doing, but didnt warn me or anything. They kept letting me buy the cars. I wish they would have warned me because I honestly would have done any of this. They canceled all my pending orders even my personal car and blocked me from buying any Tesla from Tesla direct. No warning was given or even a phone call. It was basically an email and said decision is final and it is what it is.