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Tesla Covering Some MCU1 Issues for Some Owners

dark cloud

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Apr 14, 2018
I would understand if Elon mailed out cheques for $420, but has anyone figured out what $320 is supposed to represent?


Feb 14, 2018
I would understand if Elon mailed out cheques for $420, but has anyone figured out what $320 is supposed to represent?
Part itself is $120. Labor is around $200 depending on what part of the country you’re in. In my case it was $170. So $320’ish in the case of reimbursement for those that paid for full MCU. Otherwise should be exact amt you paid for the daughter board replacement.
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Aug 22, 2015
Chapel Hill, NC
It took them that long to fit the MCU2 ?
I think my case was pretty extreme. On 6/26/20 the iphone app lost connection with the car. I didn't think too much about it, I figured it was my new VPN. But on 6/30/20 when I tried to drive the main screen was blank, so was the dash display. I tried multiple times to reboot/start the car but could not get any of the displays to come online. Unfortunately I have set up a passcode for driving, with a dead main screen I couldn't start. I had the car flatbedded to the Raleigh SC on 6/30 and the car was not fixed until 8/11/20. So yeah. it took that long. In the SC's defense they were moving to a new location (I did not know this until later) which may have slowed their work. Also, with my car dead the app doesn't work for communicating with Tesla. I had to navigate endless phone trees and occasionally reached a real human. Very frustrating experience.
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Aug 14, 2012
I too upgraded because the choices were $1500 for MCU1 or $2500 for MCU2. No one mentioned the $320.00. They definitely did not mention that i would loose the FM tuner.

I would have stuck with my FM tuner and an extra $2180.00.


Jan 27, 2020
York, PA
Getting a $320 check is like getting a membership to the Jelly of the Month Club. This was not an option for me to select from. Now with FM tuner coming with the MCU upgrade at $1000 less than I paid, I feel double screwed over.


Jul 16, 2019
Murphy, TX
Tesla does not hide the fact you lose the FM tuner when upgrading to the MCU2. I don't think they add it in by default but the cost of adding it at install time is the same as adding it later.



Apr 20, 2015
I have a 2015 S 70D w/AP1. When my MCU1 w/3G failed in July 2020, I used my Tesla App to book appointment stating all controls failed, no dash screen, no turn signal, no AC, no backup camera etc... Tesla replied saying that they diagnosed the problem OTA and determined that it was MCU1 failure and I will need to spend $1500 to replace with another MCU1 (refurbished) panel. They even mentioned I shouldn't be driving the car if I don't feel safe without all the controls. They further stated that appointment will be booked for me to bring the car into Service Center for repair as soon as they have an ETA on when the replacement part will be arriving.

Instead of agreeing to replace the defective MCU1 with another refurbished MCU1, I asked Tesla if my car can be upgraded to MCU2 w/4G LTE and the total cost. They came back with a quote of $2500 + tax. So I asked them to proceed with an upgrade to MCU2. Then all the news about the $500 eMMC repair, cheaper MCU1 and MCU2 panel replacement, MCU1 recall notice etc came out. I was so disappointed because I picked the wrong time to upgrade my MCU1 to MCU2 as well as I paid the higher price for the upgrade.

Then came an email from Tesla in March 2021 saying that I maybe qualified for a MCU repair reimbursement but then I also saw a lot of ineligible claims in this forum because of being an upgrade instead of a repair. Well, my story have a happy ending, I've just received a refund of $1480 on my MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade after submitting my claim a couple months ago. So best wishes to all of you whom have their MCU1 upgraded MCU2. *** Make sure you check your JUNK email folder because my Tesla Reimbursement email was actually stuck in my JUNK folder. If I didn't check my JUNK folder, I would have thought that my MCU2 upgrade was ineligible. And I wouldn't have been able to follow the instructions in the email to submit a refund claim. Good luck folks.


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Nov 12, 2018
Are you implying there is a connection? If so, perhaps greedy worked out well for you, service horrors being a small price to pay for the money you made on the stock?;)
Yeah I feel like the CEO of a tobacco company, I like to see the product sales increase but the cost to long term customers can't be ignored.

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