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Tesla Model S recall email

Just got mine a few minutes ago, think it is taking their Exchange server quite a while to process 123,000 emails.
Funny thing is i'd just stopped at the Toronto Lawrence Service Center yesterday a short while before the announcement, too bad or I could have made an appointment for it at the same time as i was arranging to get my winter's off.
Love that Tesla can just send an email though, or if they wanted could pop a message on your screen through an update process....when's the last time you got a recall notice from Ford or GM the day after it was in the news?
Seems like they do, unless they just take the car offsite for the day.
I'm normally getting a service appointment at the same time based on our mileage and how it seems to match the seasons, so i'm usually gone with a loaner and never asked if they take them away for it. This visit in April will probably now be the recall, new all seasons and may do our 160k coolant fluid (assuming it's every 80k) a month early.
Anyone else receive an email from Tesla regarding the recall on Model S cars built before April 2016?

The basic gist is that the Service Centre will call you when they have parts available to do the work.
Yeah I got the email but I’m pretty sure it was concerning my old 2013! Doesn’t someone else own it now? Is it not registered with another owner since I traded it in? Perhaps Tesla should just give it back to me then?
@wayner why create a duplicate thread for this?
I didn’t see any other threads in the Canadian forum, and I wasn’t sure if the recall would happen at the same time in Canada as in the US. Many other things Tesla related don’t happen in Canada for several months after they happen in the US, like ordering Model 3 or Model X, Ludicrous upgrades, etc.
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