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Of Course I Trust You Will Do The Right Thing
If you're a happy and you know it Tesla car owner you're probably shaking your head over this week's heightened media stories about the electric car company. Whereas investors are either scouting some legal office or steady trying to wrap their minds and money around Tesla's core values. Namely, to transform modern transportation worldwide using power sourced from sustainable energy. This is why Elon Musk, Tesla's founder and electric vehicle industry tech innovator, started out on this journey in the first place.

So the party's died down for now. Shirt sleeves are rolled up. Intense heat of adrenaline pumps as push in production processes permeates Tesla gigafactory. One night last week the roof was lit-erally on fire. There just isn't time to sweat the negatives when circumventing an S curve. Especially when in midst of doing everything humanly possible to come down on the positive side of the slope. Exceeding expectations. Tesla does have a history of doing just that but not yet? Investors have been notified of a class action lawsuit which has been filed against the car company. The suit alleges misleading or outright false information provided as to the number of Model 3s Tesla should have produced to date. Now public knowledge, those alleged numbers the car manufacturer has not met due to what it says were, "production bottlenecks". Coupled with recent large scale layoffs it is understandable why some investors got nervous. Also profound is Goldberg law hounds sniffing out accountability trail making claims of violation of federal securities laws. Their complainants allege Tesla made or provided misleading or false information for production quota numbers for the industry gamechanger Model 3 sedan.

Here's the thing though. There are two voices out there at the moment. When it comes to Tesla, early in the year, shooting out ahead of every other automobile manufacturer making electric cars. Those voices both speak green. Money and sustainability. Both sides hold heavy clout as they are necessary ends and means; however, one voice tends to bolster more unrest over its long haul cousin. Everyone loves to follow the leader who is brave enough to step out and set sail into largely unchartered waters. Until treacherous weather stirs. The waters are troubled. Then same supporters morph into accusers fearing for their lifelines. Believe me, I get being scared. Makes us human. We make choices to buy in and assume in doing so a certain amount of calculated risk. Fact of the matter is Tesla is likely to have come close to meeting those, yes, very aggressive Model 3 production expectations. In line with the overwhelming demand. All things being equal. Key statement because they weren't.

Hi tech hardware is so intricate that the slightest anomaly can stall the entire process. Tesla's Model 3 has over 10,000 bits comprising it's whole hardware body. Made of steel unlike its predecessors Model X & S bred from aluminum. There are scenarios in the QA of manufacturing that just can't be accounted for and dealt with until they happen - as they happen.
Tesla production was also challenged by internal labor union rumbles. Subtle disturbances to worker morale which very well may have undermined production effort. Contributing to certain slowdowns from time to time. Until moles are removed and mission harmony restored.

Marry all that to industry norms. Most automobile makers carry large amounts of unsold inventory through an underestimating overproduction formulae. Tesla, in its birther Model 3 stage of mastering manufacturing its electric car product line in large order, won't seem to be impacted by end of year unsolds. Does not excuse the wait time for those who have made deposits based on early production cycle timeline estimates.

At the end of the day Tesla will do what's right by these investors who feel wronged by the early numbers. Only if there is justifiable proof the company knowingly intended not to meet its production goals. Given all things had been, in fact, equal.

On to other Tesla goings on. Generating good karma goes a long way. Elon Musk answers and responds swiftly to Puerto Rico's call for help in restoring power to the island. Still under severe strain after taking direct hit by Hurricane Irma. Tesla and Puerto Rico will partner with other sustainable energy providers to rebuild the island's power grid.

Former Tesla Executive, George Blankenship still representing. The 2017 Limra Annual Conference was held from October 22, 2017 – October 24, 2017
at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center National Harbor.
Blankenship's present focused on the building and creation of brand loyalty and awareness, competitive positioning in the market, and what it takes to deliver superior customer care. His particular areas of expertise. Limra's conference theme for 2017 was "The Consumer Imperative: Informed, Influential, & In Control."

Keep peeping SpaceX social media accounts and website for next launch dates. There will be a few to close out what's been an incredible year for space technology and upward progress. About last week's Senate hearing. SpaceX VP of Satellite Government Affairs, Patricia Cooper, testified before the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee that the company is within months of launching the first of its satellites in their competing megaconstellations of broadband smallsats. These designed to bring internet to every corner of the globe. Further testimony outlined steps taken to minimize space debris (of particular interest to me) from the thousands of satellites to be launched and deployed into low Earth orbit over the next several years.

Round out. We've been taking a closer look at the Tesla production hell fish lately. In the spirit of that vein I came across this interesting read. Fish have emotions. Who knew? If it lives and breathes it can feel. Non human species, i.e., plants and animals have emotions.

SpaceX Multiplanetary Mission plans for Mars include more than it being just a pit stop. This article suggests winters on the Red Planet are shaping its landscape. Carving gullies and pits in the sand.

There is a lot to be enthusiastic about. Tesla in manufacturing the Model 3 is in the rough part of its march through Death Valley - a manufactured simulation. Hang in there. Production processes will be mastered. Balance has been struck and will hold to yield better than awesome results. In time.

Tesla has leadership. A dynamic visionary in Elon Musk who is not afraid to go all out and who leads by example in being all in. Hence he's the man on deck with factory workers in overdrive. Camping out on roof of gigafactory between shifts versus holding up in hotel comfort.

Elon Musk on Twitter

What Tesla is being driven by now with investor worries expressed by these filed class action lawsuits is Management. Two completely separate entities of the same sort. Visionary leaders, of which I am, sometimes need the balance of Management. Does not mean either is lesser or more than the other. It simply equates to checks and balances. Win-win. Exceptionally gifted visionaries, like captains of anything, do not ever flee the scene. No matter how hellish it gets. This is what Management must be mindful of in its checking of strategy. So as not to thwart the overall mission.

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