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Total Autopilot Failure - HELP

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Having a major issue with autopilot and want to see if anyone else has a similar issue.

I bought a demo Model X, when on the test drive all the autopilot and features worked fine, just like they did on my S.

I picked up the X and they said the autopilot was recalibrating but it never turned back on.

I am now 3 weeks into ownership of the X, i have no auto wipers, no auto headlights, no speed limit signs on dash, no cars showing in front, no adaptive cruise. Strangely enough the autoparking all still functions as per normal.

Teslas explanation is that the most recent update is now using the side cameras (where the indicators sit) as well as the front cameras for autopilot functions, and that one of my side cameras isnt working right, so autopilot has shut down all functions.

They are waiitng for my new indicator cameras, but have an ETA of a few weeks.

They are saying that it has happened on several cars since the update. Is anyone else in the same boat.

Is it just me or does this all seem really odd?

Autopilot and Teslas advanced systems are one of the main reasons I bought a tesla
It is true that AP is now using a few more side cameras (mostly for collecting data, rather than doing an AP work). And it is also true some cars have defective camera or connections that is getting discovered only now, because those cameras were never used before.

So Tesla SC has identified that one of your cameras is not working, and they plan to fix it.

So what exactly is your issue here? The ETA of few weeks? that sucks.
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Their explanation is correct. All the features you gave utilize the cameras. The autopark uses the sonar sensors instead of the cameras which is why it still functions. They would have to probably downgrade you to AP1 convenience only to get it functioning - which I'm not sure if even an option anymore, but that might be worth asking if they can do as a temporary fix while they wait for the new camera.